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Bald Eagle Beak Claw And Bone Choker

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#BountyHunta looking for #BaldEagle #Feathers with #MartinVasil

Bounty Hunta looking for Bald Eagle feathers
Bounty Hunta looking for Bald Eagle feathers with Martin Vasil
Bounty Hunta with Dead Bald Eagle
Bounty Hunta with Dead Bald Eagle found by Martin Vasil and Bounty


On this day BountyHunta owner of Jamaican Pizza Jerk Rastarant located in Vancouver British Columbia Canada http://www.pizzajerk.ca/ and #MartinVasil developer of TVLinkup www.tvlinkup.com/ were looking for Bald Eagle Feathers when they found a Dead Bald Eagle in the field. This Dead Eagle was reported to Jack Evens who works at the Conservation office. The Dead Eagle was allowed to rest in a freezer in Martins home for 8 days before it was dismembered by Martin Vasil. The feathers were given out to First Nation and Non First Nation persons to use. The Eagle Bones, Eagle Talons and Eagle Beak were kept by Martin Vasil. Tobacco was offered by Bounty and Martin before the Dead Bald Eagle was placed in a bag and taken out of the forest to Martins home. 

#HandMade #SealSkin #Mukluks by #MartinVasil

Hand Made Seal Skin Mukluks
Hand Made Seal Skin Mukluks by #MartinVasil
Hand Made Seal Skin Mukluks by #MartinVasil
Hand Made Seal Skin Mukluks by #MartinVasil

HandMade SealSkin Mukluks by



What killed this Bald Eagle was Plastic

Plastic the Killer of Bald Eagles
this is found often when i take apart Bead Bald Eagles. Plastic. The Killer of this Bald Eagle

Plastic is a BIG KILLER of Bald Eagles. Plastic is found often by Martin Vasil (Me) when they are taken apart.




#MilanArt, Brenda and I were out scouting in the forest walking about 10 feet apart from each other when Milan Art spotted a Dead Bald Eagle. This Bald Eagle and location were reported back to Jack Evans who works at the Conservation office. The Bald Eagle was taken apart by me and the feathers given back Milan Art, The bones, claws and beak were kept by me to be made into a necklace. This Bald Eagle passed away from the ingestion of plastic.


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Work on a Juvenile Bald Eagle that was electrocuted

Dead Juvenile Female Bald Eagle
Dead Juvenile Female Bald Eagle that was electrocuted.

This young 4 year old Female Bald eagle was electrocuted and put away for over 16 weeks at the conservation office for me in a deep freeze so the spirit of the Eagle could leave. After such a violent death the Eagles spirit sticks around confused and aggressive and can torment you if you prepare it too soon regardless of the red prayer or the chants of the dead you might try to use, It can and will make you sick. You dont want to touch a sacred bird that has died a violent or immature death unless you know what you are doing and even then i dont recommend you try. This bird will be prepared and the feathers will be given out. The bones will be kept by me, Beak and claws will be made into a necklace. The bottom photo shows the Bald Eagle covered in a Metis Blanket. (This Blanket I use was provided by MiLan Art. This is a link to a web site with the same type of Honour blanket. All merchandise was made with the same roll of material used to make the Blanket used by me to take apart the Eagles. The remaining material is as sacred as the blanket i use ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/canadianmetis ) All are Hand Created by MiLan Art Including the blanket that i used to take apart over 80 Bald Eagles )

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#KenPruden and I #Scouting in the forest looking for #BaldEagle #Feathers

Ken Pruden
Ken Pruden offering tobacco after a dead Bald Eagle was found by Martin Vasil in the forest.
Dead Juvenile Bald Eagle
Dead Juvenile Bald Eagle found by Martin Vasil in forest.

I seldom take elders out with me into the forest but this time (only one of a few times I took Ken Pruden out with me) i did. Elder Prudent had called for the past 10 + weeks asking if i could take him with me. I called him the night before and told him i was going out the next day and i asked if he would like to accompany me and he replied yes.


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