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Comment from: Martin Vasil [Member]
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First Eagles Dont Belong to Aboriginals or First Nations They belong to themselves
Second I’m Aboriginal
3rd I dint do what most would do for its feathers beak and claws
So I Dont Kill Or Trap Or Harm Them
I went into the forest looking for the dead Eagles
like in the photos of me with different persons that I Take Out
By Your Comment I dont Expect a Raciest Person like yourself who believes that they own Eagles would understand that

05/26/15 @ 02:07

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Comment from: Thunderbirdsong [Visitor]

You must have trapped all those EAGLES. Eagles don’t belong to Canada they belong to the Aboriginals and First Nations.

04/11/15 @ 05:15

In response to: Bald Eagle Bone Necklace

Comment from: Ozotron [Visitor]  

I’m a sun dancer I like to se if you have eagle feather for sale I have my liege paper for it

07/19/14 @ 19:57

In response to: Bald Eagle Bone Choker

Comment from: david [Visitor]
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Just remarkable. Never expected to see a actual Bald Eagle Bone chocker.
Best Regards Dave Burnstine

12/16/13 @ 19:06

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Comment from: Jenny [Visitor]
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A friend who like me attends McGill Unaversity in Montraul told me about a web page students were talking about Pleased i checked into it and found a link to this blog. I must say wounderfull photos, Not as disturbing as one would think an intalectual like yourself would understand, Your not Fat and you should eat. I understand this is not the place for that discussion. I would like to say, This is the most remarkable bone choker i’ve seen in my life. I never expected to see an actual Eagle Bone Choker. What you see most times are imported bone chokers or Plastic chokers but no Traditional North American Aboriginal Eagle Bone Choker like this. Such a Beautiful piece of of our Ancient History.

12/03/13 @ 19:26

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Comment from: Stanley Bighorn [Visitor]
Stanley Bighorn
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I’m a Sundancer and this is just what im looking for that would distinguish me from others. I noticed you did not place a price tag so i would like to offer you $15.000 for it.
Stan Bighorn
PS Saskatchewan #1

11/25/13 @ 17:21

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Comment from: David Newman [Visitor]
David Newman
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Remarkable peice. I spent over 30 years looking for an actual Eagle Bone choker. Just remarkable. What is most remarkable is that you went into the forest looking for and you found 20 dead bald eagles (Just Remarkable) I cant start to imagine finding 1 in a vast forest, Mind you 20. This is not the only piece that i found to be exquisite.
Best Regards David Newman
P.S looking forward to more works from you.

11/25/13 @ 16:54

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Comment from: Lana [Visitor]
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I study cultural anthropology at UBC and this necklace is what i would expect to see in a museum, Not around a persons neck. I also did not think persons in this time and age (2013) went into the forest looking for dead eagles and Bears. But what moved me the most was finding out is developed by an Aboriginal person. This shows me, Persons of your Nations are progressing and adapting remarkably well to modern technology. I use when i want to watch shows from Germany. I like the way your directory is hyperlinked. What i done like is the popup on the index page. Do you think you could REMOVE IT?
Best regards Lana

11/25/13 @ 16:44

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Comment from: Dolores [Visitor]

Are these for sale? Can you custom make one?

Reply from Martin Vasil
Sorry sweetie i cant sale them because they belong to the people of Canada and when i pass they will be given back to the Government if my Family dont want them. All the bones shown were from Dead Bald Eagles found by me in the forest. Over 30 years of looking in the forest i only found a little more then 100.

If you provide me with the bones i can custom make one for you at no charge.
Best regards Metroman

08/31/13 @ 10:58