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Comment from: Ozotron [Visitor]  

I’m a sun dancer I like to se if you have eagle feather for sale I have my liege paper for it

07/19/14 @ 19:57
Comment from: Thunderbirdsong [Visitor]

You must have trapped all those EAGLES. Eagles don’t belong to Canada they belong to the Aboriginals and First Nations.

04/11/15 @ 05:15
Comment from: Martin Vasil [Member]
5 stars

First Eagles Dont Belong to Aboriginals or First Nations They belong to themselves
Second I’m Aboriginal
3rd I dint do what most would do for its feathers beak and claws
So I Dont Kill Or Trap Or Harm Them
I went into the forest looking for the dead Eagles
like in the photos of me with different persons that I Take Out
By Your Comment I dont Expect a Raciest Person like yourself who believes that they own Eagles would understand that

05/26/15 @ 02:07

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