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Hungary Television Directory

Red = Video Players, Live Shows, Video or Past Show Archive

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Animal Planet --- UK --- Watch Online Videos, Past Shows, Video Archive, TV Schedules, Show Archive and More

Animax --- Watch Online Animax Videos, Past Animax Shows, Games, Forum, Programm and More

AXN --- Crime --- Programm, Video Clips, Shows and More

AXN --- Sci Fi --- Online Videos, Programm, Film and More

AXN --- Watch Online Videos, Entertainment, Show Info, Programm, Film, Blog and More

BBC Entertainment --- Program, Show Info, TV Guide, Video Archive, Past Show Archive, Clips and More

BBC News --- World News, Events, Sports, Weather, TV Guide, Programm Info, Entertainment, News Video Archive and More

BP 13 --- Budapest Fovaros XIII --- Web TV, Sports News, Sports Videos, Local News, Programm, Culture, Video Archive and More

Budapest TV --- BP TV --- Web TV --- Entertainment, Video Archive, Music, Program Info, TV Guide and More

Cartoon Network --- Poland --- Cartoons, Show Info, Games, Video Clips, Programm, Win and More

CITV --- UK Kids Programm --- Watch CITV Online, Entertainment, Create It, Say It and More

CNN International --- Web TV, Streaming Videos, Entertainment, On TV, Sports News, World News, U.S News, World Business, Mobile and More

Cool TV --- Music, Entertainment, Videos, Video Clips, Programm, Forum, Chat and More

CSEPP TV --- Web TV --- News Channel, Sports Channel, Culture Channel, Health Channel, Video Archives, Watch Past Shows and More

D TV --- Debrecen Televizion --- Web TV --- Streaming News Videos, Past Shows, Local News, Video Archive, Culture, Sports, Weather and More


Discovery Channel --- Belgium --- Streaming Videos, Video Clips, TV Guide, Games, Forum, Online TV Series and More

Duna TV --- Duna Web TV --- Local Video News, Culture, Entertainment, World News, Videos Archive, Weather, Events and More

ECHO TV --- Watch OnSite --- Local News, Video Archive, Sports, Past Shows, Weather, World News, EU News and More

Eurofolk TV --- Web TV --- Culture Videos, Streaming Folk Videos, Europe Festival Videos, Events and More

EuroNews Channel --- Online Video News, World News, Business, World Events, Latest News, Weather, LifeStyle and More

F TV --- Fured Televizio --- Web TV --- Local News, Events,Video Archive, Past Shows, Culture, Weather, Forum and More

Gotthard TV --- Local News, Events, Entertainment, Video Archive, Culture, Cable TV, Internet, Forum and More

Gyongyosi Varosi TV --- Live Stream, Local News, Culture, Weather, Programm, Shows, Cinema, Video Archive and More

Hallmark Channel --- Channel Info, TV Guide, Entertainment, Programm Show Info and More

HBO TV --- Channels, Past Show Archive, Clips, Video Archive, HBO, HBO 2, HBO Comedy, Programm Info and More

Hir TV --- Web TV --- Streaming News Videos, Channels, Sports News, Culture, Video Archive, Entertainment, Events, Stock Market, Weather and More

Hirado --- Web TV, Past Shows, Online Streaming News, Videos, Sports, Culture, Weather, Net TV and More






ID --- Investigation Discovery --- English --- Videos, Hollywood Crimes, Programm, Forensics, Interactives, Murderers, Blogs, TV Shows and More

ITV 1 --- UK --- Watch ITV 1 Online, Watch Past Shows, Entertainment, Programm, TV Shows, Coronation Street and More

ITV 2 --- UK --- Watch ITV 2 Online, Entertainment, TV Shows, Catch Up and More

ITV 3 --- UK --- Catch Up On ITV 3 Shows, Entertainment, TV Guide, Programm Info and More

ITV 4 --- UK --- Watch ITV 4 Live, Catch Up On ITV 4 Shows, ITV Player, TV Guide, Entertainment and More

ITV Classic TV Shows --- UK --- Watch Classic TV Shows On ITV Player, Classic Shows A-Z, Select and Watch, Must See TV Classics, Programm and More

ITV Drama --- UK --- TV Programm, Catch UP With ITV Player, Video Clips, Full Shows, Programm and More

ITV Entertainment --- UK --- Watch Past Shows, Entertainment, IPTV Player, Must See, TV Shows and More

ITV HD --- UK --- Watch It Now, TV Shows, Entertainment, TV Guide and More

ITV Lifestyle --- UK --- Catch Up, TV Programm A-Z, Exclusive Offers, Past Shows and More

ITV News --- UK --- Watch Online News At Ten, Local News, World News, Entertainment News, Sports News, Weather and More

ITV Sport --- UK --- Watch ITV Sports Videos Online, Catch Up With ITV Player, Rugby, Boxing, Football, Boat Race, British Superbikes and More

Jetix --- Kids Channel --- Programm, Shows, Info and More


Kanizsa TV --- Web TV --- Watch OnSite ---Local Events, Video Archive, Channels, Sports Video News, Local Video News, Past Shows, Events, Weather, Culture and More

Kapos TV --- Web TV --- Local Events, Weather, Local News, Sports News, Culture, Video Archive, Live Sports and More

Kecskemet TV --- Web TV, Streaming News Videos, Sports News Videos, Past Shows, Culture, Programm, Video Archive and More

Keszthelyi TV --- Web TV --- Local Events, Online Video Archives, Channels, Past Shows, Talk Shows, Local News, Programm, Culture and More

KidsCo --- Kids Channel --- Watch OnSite --- Program, Show Info, Online Photos, TV Guide, Games, Videos, Programm and More

Kolcsey TV --- Web TV --- Local News, Video Archive, Culture, Events, Past Shows, Programm and More

M 1 TV --- Ukraine Web TV --- Watch Onsite --- Videos, Entertainment, Local News, Video Archive, Shows, Programm, Show Info and More

M TV --- Minap --- Web TV --- Streaming Videos, Local News Videos, Past Shows, Video Archive, Culture, Sports, Weather and More

Mezzo TV --- France Music Channel --- Music Info, Jazz, Program, Show Info, Spotlight, Classic, Music Events and More

Minimax TV --- Slovakia --- Kids Channel --- Watch Minimax TV OnSite --- Programm, Photos, Show Info, TV Guide, Games, ABC and More

MTV --- Watch OnSite Music Videos, Past Music Shows, Entertainment News, TV Program and More

MTV Shows --- Web TV --- Online Channels, Music News Channel, Entertainment, MTV Extra, MTV Retro, Streaming Video Shows and More

Nat Geo Wild --- Program, Shows, Games, TV Guide, Video Archive, Past Shows, Clips, Show Info and More

NY TV --- Nyiregyhazi Televizio --- Web TV --- Past Shows, Video Archive, Sport, Culture, Talk Shows, Forum, Local News, Online ADAS and More





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