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First Nations Television Directory


A Small List Of TV Stations First Nations People Receive From Canada and the U.S.A

Dark Green = Video Player, Video Archive, Past Show Archive, News Archive


3 ABN TV --- Christian Television --- Three Angels Broadcasting Network --- 3ABN Radio, 3ABN Show Info, Program Guide and More

A&E TV --- Shows, Video, Games, News and More

Aaj Tak TV --- India's best channel for Breaking News from India, World, Business, Sports, Bollywood

Aakaash Bangla --- Kolkata INDIA --- Current Affairs, Entertainment, Sports, News, Recipes, Show Info and More

AAN TV --- America's Auction Network --- Online Aution, Jewelry, Cooking, Buy Stuff Online, Art, Coins and More

ABC TV Family, Show Info, Program, Movies, Watch and More

ABC TV News --- Online news, breaking news, feature stories and more

ABN TV --- African Broadcasting Network

Aboriginal Perspectives

ABS-CBN Global TV --- Filipino --- Entertainment, Program, Show Info and More

AL Jadeed TV --- Beirut - Lebanon --- Local Events, World News, Entertainment, Show Info, Program and More

Al Jazeera ---  English and Arab Web TV --- Watch AJE Live Online --- World News, Past Show Archive, Weather, Sports, Your Views and More

Almavision TV --- ALMAVISION EN VIVO --- Program, Show Info, News, Events and More

ALTER TV --- Greek TV --- Program Info, Tv Guide and More

AMC TV --- Watch Online Videos, AMC Originals, Games, Movies, Blogs and More

America One Television --- Watch Live Sports, Shows and More

Animal Planet --- Pets, Wild Animals, Videos, Dog Breeds, Cat Breeds, Games and More

APTN TV ---  Online Aboriginal Channel --- Watch Local News, Past Shows, Video News Archive, Music, Events and More

ARIRANG TV --- Korea for the World, the World for Korea --- Local News, Events, Entertainment, Shows, Program, Drama and More

ARMENIA TV --- News, Local Events, Web TV, Past Show Archive and More

ARTV --- Entertainment, Shows, TV Guide, Info, Program, Video Archive and More

Asian Food Channel --- Watch Past Cooking Shows Online, Video Recipes, Cooking Shows, Chefs, TV Guide and More

Asianet --- Watch Online English India Video News, World Video News, Video News Archive, Entertainment, Past Show Archive, Star Gossip and More

AT&T TV --- Advanced TV Services

Asian Television Network --- ATN --- Radio Info, TV Channel Info, Chinese Channel Info and More

AVC TV --- Online Shopping --- Jewlery, Coins, Gemstones, Earrings and More

Avis de Recherche TV --- Montreal Web TV Crime Channel --- Watch Online Videos, Most Wanted Videos, Programming, Crime Show, Profiles

BabyFirst TV --- Pick A Program, Parents, Programs, Playground and More

BAND TV --- Brazil --- Local News, World Events, Sports News, Entertainment, Weather, Culture, Videos, Radio and More

BBC TV --- BBC TV International Commercial TV Channels --- Select and Watch BBC World Channels

BBC Canada --- Show Info, Program and More

BBC TV --- World News, Sports, Local Events, BBC TV, World Events, Market, Program and More

BBC America --- Shows, Program, Entertainment, Videos, Brit Buzz and More

Bell --- Home Phone, TV, Internet and Mobile Phone Provider

BET TV --- Watch Online Music Videos, Entertainment and Celebrity News, Life Style, Fashion News, Video Archive, On TV, Community and More

Biography Channel --- Watch Online, Videos, Bio Shows and More

Bite TV --- Get On TV, Entertainment, Video Archive, Shows, Program, Past Show Archive and More

Bloomberg --- TV and Radio --- Watch Online Streaming Shows, Streaming World News, World Events, Video Archive, Radio and More

BNN TV --- Business News Network --- Watch Streaming Business News, Business Shows, Past Show Archive, TV Clips, TV Schedule and More

BPM TV --- Music, Videos, Shows, Contest, News, Charts and More

Bravo --- Watch Streaming Shows, Series, Arts, Watch Videos, Past Show Archive, Movies, Series, TV Guide and More

Bridges TV --- News, Show Info, Program, Sports, Food, Kids, Faith and More

BTV --- Beijing --- News, Sports, Local & World Events, Arts, Life, Culture, Entertainment, Channels, Program, Video Archive and More

BYU Television International --- Program, Shows, Show Info, Culture, TV, Radio, On Line Stream and More

C-SPAN TV --- Live TV and Radio --- Video Library --- U.S.A. Capitol Hill, The White House and National Politics

Canal D --- French Web TV --- Entertainment, Shows, Info, Program and More

Caillou TV --- Kids Channel --- Caillou Fan Club, Caillou TV, Parents, Play With Caillou and More

Canal 22 --- Mexico --- Entertainment, Show, Program, Culture, Videos and More

Canal SUR --- Noticias en video de Latinoamérica --- Local & World News, Events, Culture, Weather, Sports, Video News Archive, Shows and More

CANOE --- CNEWS --- Online News, Video, Latest News, World Watch, Crime News, Good News, Green News, Weird News and More News

Cartoon Network --- Watch Online Videos, Games, Fan Talk and More

CBC TV --- British Columbia --- Watch Streaming Local & World News, Video Archive, Listen To Radio, Events, TV, Program, Sports, Weather, Past Show Archive and More

CBC TV --- Sports --- Sports News, Sports Video Archive, Amateur Sports, Past Sports Shows and More

CBC TV --- Entertainment --- Watch Online Past Shows, A&E News, Digital Archives, Video Archive, Concerts On Demand, Radio2, Radio3, Podcast, Schedules and More

CBeebies TV --- Latin America --- Shows, Games, Program, TV Guide, Videos and More

CBS TV --- USA News --- Local and World News, World Events, Weather, Sports News, Program, Video Archive and More

CCTV --- China --- Local & World News, Events, Sports, Politics, Culture, Entertainment, TV Guide, Show Info, Video News Archive, Past Show Archive, Web Cams and More

CCTV-F --- Chaine Francaise --- World News, Events, Program, Show Info, Videos and More

CFJC TV Channel 7 --- Kamloops --- News, Sports, Videos and More



CFTK TV --- Watch CFTK  News Online, Sports News, Music News, Video Vault, Entertainment, Shows and More

CHEK TV --- Vancouver Island-Victoria --- Local & World News, Weather, Sports, Events, Entertainment, Videos and More

CHILLER TV --- Movies, Videos, Games, Series and More


Cinemax --- Program, Videos, Show Info, Schedule and More

City TV --- Entertainment, News, Sports, Weather and More Vancouver

CMT TV --- Country Music Television - News, Videos, Artists Online Radio, Song Lyrics, TV Shows and More

CNBC TV --- Videos, Stock Market News, Business News, Financial, Earnings, World Market News and Information

CNN TV --- World News, Online Radio, International Headlines, Stories, Video Archive, Past Show Archive and More

CNW News --- Tools For Media, Free Subscription Services, Broadcast-On-Demand, Media Info and More

CoLours TV --- The MultiCultural Television Network

Cornerstone TV --- CTVN --- Prayer, Watch Live, Shows, Program, TV Guide and More

Cosmopolitan TV --- Online Videos, Fashion, Fun Stuff, Contests, Girl Talk and More

Court TV --- Show Info, Schedule

CPAC --- Web TV --- Watch Streaming Talk Shows, Free Video On Demand, Past Show Archive, Podcast, CPAC News and More

CTV --- British Columbia --- Local & World News, Sports, Entertainment, Local & World Events, Video Archive, Past Shows, Weather and More

CTV --- W-Five --- Show Info, W5 Archive and More

CTV --- Entertainment, Watch, News, Shows, Schedul and More

Discovery Channel --- Science, History, Space, Tech, Sharks, News

Discovery Channel --- TLC --- TV Shows, Program, Family, Style, Blogs, Games, Video Archive and More

Discovery Health --- Disease, Treatment, Pregnancy, Fitness, Weight Loss

Discovery Channel --- Latino --- Program, Show Info, Video Archive, Photos and More

DPM TV --- Dance with Attitude --- Shows, News, Contest, Charts, Music, Schedule, Video Archive and More

Drive-In Classics

DW TV --- Deutsche Welle --- Germany News, Europe News, World News, Local & World Events, Past News Archive, Sports, Culture, Radio, Weather and Much More Info On Germany

Encore Avenue --- Program, Show Info, TV Guide, On Demand and More

EURONEWS --- Sports Europa, World and Local News, Events, Europe Sports, Video Archive and More

FAMILY CHANNEL --- Show Info, Program, Games, Family Kicks, Videos and More

Fashion Television --- In fashion, Fashion Videos, Gallery and More

Fine Living TV --- Food, Drink, Videos, Design, Shopping, Show Info, Program and More

FIT TV --- Disovery Channel --- Shows, Program, Info, Videos and More

Food Network --- Easy Recipes, Healthy Eating Ideas and Chef Recipe Videos

Fox Movie Channel --- Series, Show Info, Program, Screen Room and More

FOX News --- U.S.A --- Streaming News Cast, World News, Local Events, Sports, Weather, Video News Archive, Politics, Health, Entertainment and More

FOX TV 28 --- Spokane --- Local News, Sports, Entertainment, Weather, Connunity and More

Fuse TV --- Music Videos, Artist interviews and Shows

FX Networks TV --- Shows, Watch Available Episodes Online

G4 TV --- Video Games, Game Reviews, News and More

Game TV --- Game Shows, Contest and More

Global BC --- Entertainment, Local News, World Events, Weather, Sports, Shows, Program, TV Guide, Videos, Health and More

Globo TV --- World News, Local and World Events, Weather, Sports, Entertainment, Program, Shows, Video Archive and More

Golf Channel --- Streaming Golf News, Golf Info, Past Shows, Streaming Videos and More

HBO --- Comedy

HBO TV --- Documentaries

HBO TV --- Family --- Program Info, Clips, Videos and More

HD Theater TV --- A Discovery Channel --- Show Info, Car Clips, Car Program, Channels, Car Videos and More

HGTV --- Decorating, Entertaining, Real Estate and Renovation Advice

History Channel International --- Entertainment, Streaming Clips & Shows, TV Schedule and More

History Global Gateway --- Select Your Country of Choice

IFC TV --- Independent Film Channel --- Video, News, Film, Schedule, Blogs, Music and More

Indian Country Today - The Nations' Leading Native American Indian News Source

KAKM TV 7 --- Public Television Alaska

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MSN TV --- News, Entertainment, Shows, Videos, Sports, Money, Must See, Lifestyle and More

MTV Tr3s --- Free Latin Music, Música Latina, Artist Photos, Artistas Latinos, Chisme

MTV --- Watch Videos, New Music Videos, Reality TV Shows, Moves, Celebrity News, Top Stories and More

Much Vibe --- Show Info, Music Video Archive, Program and More

MuchMoreRetro --- Shows, Music Videos, Program, Show Info, Retro News and More

MuchMusic --- Shows, Program, Concerts, News, Music Videos and More

Musimax --- Shows, Program, Music Videos, Entertainment News, Video Broadcast and More

MusiquePlus --- Music Videos, News, Program, Show Info and More

my NetworkTV --- Videos, Moves, Shows, Local Stations and More

MYSTERE TV --- Show Info, Program and More

myViva --- Watch Online Videos, Recipes, Education, Movies, Shows and More

NASA TV --- Missions, News, Universe, Videos, Multimedia and More

National Geographic Channel --- Animals, Science, Exploration Television Shows

NativeWeb Resources Television & Radio

NICKELODEON TV --- Kids Entertainment, Games, TV Shows, Videos and More

One TV --- Body Mind & Spirt Channel --- Yoga, Program, Contest and More

Outdoor Channel --- Streaming Shows, Program, Shows, TV Guide, Videos and More

PBS TV --- Entertainment, TV Shows, Program Info, Videos and More

Peachtree TV --- Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Program, Community and More

Planet Green --- Watch Online Clips, Home & Garden, Food & Health, Fashion & Beauty, Videos, On TV and More

Playhouse Disney --- Games, Videos, Program Info, Whats On, On Demand, Contest and More

Q13 TV --- Seattle News, Entertainment and More

RAI INTERNATIONAL --- Italy --- Shows, Streaming Radio, Entertainment, Events, Station Info, TV Guide and More

Research Channel --- Watch Streaming Research Videos, Past Show Archive, Medical News and More

Rogers --- TV, Phone & Internet Provider

SCN TV --- Rigonal Programs, Online Shows and More

Shaw Cable --- TV, Internet & Phone Provider

Shop AVC TV --- Online Shopping --- Jewlery, Coins, Gemstones, Earrings and More

SHOW CASE --- Comedy, Drama, Videos and Sideshow Blog

Showtime --- Movies, Sports, Original Series, Program, Show Info Video and More

Space Channel --- Shows, Movies, Contest, Video Clips and More

SPIKE TV --- UFC, Music, Match Highlights, Past Show Archive, Sports, Show Info and More

Star Choice --- Digital Satellite Television Provider

STAR TV --- The Entertainment Station --- Star Talk, TV Shows, Star! Personalities, Watch Streaming Videos and More

Sun TV --- India --- Station Info, Show Info

Super Channel --- Channel info

TBS TV --- Entertainment, Shows, Movies, Past Show Archive, Video Archive, Program and More

The Biography Channel --- Schedule, Show Info and More

The Comedy Network --- Shows, Time Wasters, Program, News, Contest and More

The Movie Network --- Series, Movies, Video, Documentaries and More

THE N --- Girls Games, Videos, Shows, Quizzes, and Full Episodes

The Shopping Channel --- Gifts, Kitchen, Fashions, Clearance, Crafts, Jewellery and More

The Weather Network --- Your Source for Weather Forecasts and Current Conditions Across Canada

The Pet Network --- Pet Videos, Pet Shows, Events, Contests, Pet Info and Yes Its All Abouth Our Pets

TLC TV --- Entertainment, Family, Program Info, Shows, Videos, Cooking, Fun, Games, TV Shows and More

TLN TV --- Shows, Events, Entertaiment, Program, Soccer, Videos and More

TNT TV --- Entertainment, Shows, Sports, Program, Series and More

Travel & Escape --- On Line Videos and More

Travel Channel --- Shows, Videos, Travel Guides, Entertainment and More

Treasure Channel --- Entertainment, Programs, Schedule, HD Videos and More

Treehouse TV --- Create, Parents, Program, Play, Win, Videos, Mobile TV and More

TRU TV --- Not Reality Actuality --- Videos, Shows, TRU TV Library, Dumb Blog and More

TV Guide --- TV Listings, Online Videos, Entertainment News and Celebrity News

TV Lanka --- Sri Lankan Web TV --- Watch Streaming Shows

TV Tropolis --- Entertainment, Program, Show Info, Videos and More

VERIA TV --- Natural health and wellness --- Recipes, Nutrition, Body, Mind and More

VH1 --- TV Shows, Entertainment, Top 20, Video Clips, Music Videos, Video Archive, Lyrics and More

Vie TV --- Entertainment, Shows, Program, Guide, Web TV, Cooking and More

Viewers Choice --- Events, Movies and More

Vision TV --- Entertainment, Programs, Video On Demand, Comedy, Drama, Lifestyle and More

W NETWORK TV --- Entertainment, Program, Shopping, Movies, Videos and More

Wild TV --- Hunting and Fishing, Shows, Program and More

World Fishing Network --- Streaming Video's, Programs, Events and More

Yahoo TV --- Show Info, Clips, Entertainment News, Primetime recap, Daytime Recap, Full Episodes and More

YTV --- Show Info, Games, Music Video Archive, Culture Shows, Streaming Online Shows, Contests and More

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