The #Untouchables #Dalits of #India and #Sri #Lanka

Below are Videos on the lives of Humans who are at the lowest rank of India and Sri Lanka's caste society. They are labeled the Dalits, Regarded as Polluted Untouchables by the people of India and Sri Lanka. They face daily discrimination from every level of Government and People, From Christians, Muslims Hindus and Outsiders. This includes refusing them access to Education, Proper Homes, Medical Treatment and restrictions on how they can live and go. This is a video story on the struggle of the Dalits, India's untouchables Caste by India's Polluted Government and Religious leaders.

We Learn By Our Mistakes


#WeLearnByOurNationsMistakes & by the #MistakesOfOtherNations


That's #HowWeBetterOurselves as a #HumanNation

Catching Out on CP Rail Kamloops to Vancouver BC (Freight Train Hopping Canada) CatchOut


Catching Out on CP Rail Kamloops to Vancouver BC (Freight Train Hopping Canada) CatchOut

i try eating

i try eating but i dont understand why i have to eat when i dont fill the need to eat

Most times it more like out of habit Thats why im fatĀ 

I started drinking Ensure

im trying to dring 4 ensure each day but it freaks me out. I would prefer to eat 1 tuna sandwich a day. I dont understand why i have to drink such a vast amount of Ensure, All its doing is making me Fat. I wish i was perfect and not overweight. All I Do Is Eat Tons of food each day, So why do i need the ensure. If U looked at me U would understand Thats why i avoide and dont speek to persons BECAUSE U DONT UNDERSTAND!!!!! Ugggggggg

@JerryBrownGov I figgered out how to resolve #CaliforniaDroughtProblem

I figgered out how to resolve California drought problem in a simple way. Running pipelines not for oil but for Rain runoff From the mountains and Homes but not the streets starting from Canadas flood zones down towards Washington Oregon and pipe it towards the thermal energy plants. Recover the clean steam and pipe it towards the next rows of energy plants filling up the reservoirs with clean water that can be piped to Californias Reservoirs. All storm water is doing is filling up the ocean with fresh water that can be stored all over America in Empty Reservoirs for future use. It will take a few years to set the pips up, But after the pips are set all U have to do is wait for the storms to hit and start collecting water. The power plants should pay for the pipes in a few years with the sale of the electricity after that its all free. Think of the future of the survival of Americas California and its population of Farmers. It would be simple with the help of the american core of engineers. If Anyone can do it its the USA Military core of engineers the best in the world for resolving problems.

Best Regards From

Vancouver Canada