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10,000 Ton Texas Tanker traveling the B.C. Coast

#ChristyClark did U know About This 10,000 Ton Texas Tanker traveling the B.C. Coast If So did U Forget to Tell Us All about it more »

#video of #BlueGrouse #Dendragapus #Grouse by #MartinVasil

video of Blue Grouse (Dendragapus Grouse) by Martin Vasil more »

#Talked to my #Family #Today

If i don't eat like a pig-goat and was more in control over what i eat i won't have this problem. Persons don't like me because I'm not in control over the amount of food i gorge on. more »

#LeroyBarney at #StanleyPark #SeaWall

I played and took photo's in Stanley Park (I found 2 Adulth Bald Eagle Feathers) Then when i got bored of playing in the forest i went for a walk around the Sea Wall. Much to my surprise Leroy was on his bike, Stoped then geated me. I was surprised, I… more »

#GingerBeer from #JamaicanPizzaJerk Help with the #Cold and #Flu

You got sick like i was with the flu, Get a Friend to go and see chef Bounty at Jamaican Pizza Jerk and ask him for i liter of his own Jamsa Ginger Beer. Today i am alive when yesterday i was sick like a dog before i drink the Chef's GingerBeer. Jamsa G… more »

Jews turned YOU into #slaves #JamaicanPizzaJerk #IceKolKut

It's a piece of Shit Dirt Bag Jew that enslaved Africanos Not Aboriginals or Slovaks OK you wanabe Pig Goat posser nurse. The Next time Your Pig Goat at JPJ Points me out. I will drag you to the Human Rights Tribunal and have you explain yourself. My Ki… more »

#NoFood #Today

No Food Today more »

What a Nightmare

Posted by our Family What a Nightmare. Mom says its not Me Me Me's fault and not to blame him, but to blame the anorexia. She says the lack of food to his brain is causing him to be unbalanced and hopefully in time it will be treated. For now we have to… more »

I wish everything was perfect

I wish i never had tantrums. I dont know why i have them, I just do. I dont think it's my fault. But in a way it is. I understand when persons say stuff that i dont agree with i should just let it go, but i dont. Because i dont it escalates into a verba… more »