Anorexia Destroys Lives

Posted by our Family Anorexia Kills after it slowly destroys the lives of talented person's This is Not only about Martin, But all who suffer from and have had their lives affected by Anorexia or Bulimia. Over 180,000 Women and Men die each year fro… more »

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We Learn By Our Mistakes

#WeLearnByOurMistakes #WeLearnByOurNationsMistakes & by the #MistakesOfOtherNations #Humans That's #HowWeBetterOurselves as A #HumanNation more »

i try eating

i try eating but i dont understand why i have to eat when i dont fill the need to eat Most times it more like out of habit Thats why im fat more »

I started drinking Ensure

All its doing is making me Fat I wish i was perfect and not overweight more »

10,000 Ton Texas Tanker traveling the B.C. Coast

#ChristyClark did U know About This 10,000 Ton Texas Tanker traveling the B.C. Coast If So did U Forget to Tell Us All about it more »

#StupidPeople Who Want To Remain #WorkingSlaves

Personally I dont trust the #CanadianGovernment more »

Worked on 4 #BaldEagleBoneChokers

How to Make a #BaldEagleBoneChoker more »

Just about finished updating United Kingdom TV Directory

I had to add over 300 links on #UnitedKingdomTVDirectory #UnitedKingdom #TVDirectory¬†¬† It took forever & for the past 5 days i had no Internet or much of a phone ( Line Problems )… more »

Why cant i log into Twitter!

Its not fair they caused me to suffer on a public bus with a bunch of persons around as U can see in the video and that Filipino was loud enough for u to heir the slander from her making that African Girl breakout laughing extremely loud (as U can see… more »

#Apoinment with #DrBirmingham at #UBCStudentsClinic

I arived at UBC Students Clinic at 1:00 the staff were pleased to see me as was i. Last time i was at UBC was loung ago. I went around the side to sit and wait. A few moments later Dr Birmingham arrived and walked me to his office. We brushed up a… more »

#northvancouver today

North Vancouver today more »