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Comment from: Sandra Dipdiwala [Visitor]
Sandra Dipdiwala
5 stars
You dont look heatly. You look like a person we see in Calkata India who is starving. Why you do this? Sandra Dip
02/18/14 @ 17:42
Comment from: Lisa Truman [Visitor]
Lisa Truman
5 stars

I dint think Men had Anorexia. After reading the blogs on this page, I arrived to this conclusion. Me Me Me is Anorexic and he needs help. If he continues to refuse to eat, He will not live a full life. Is this what he wants? Is this what he wants to promote, Death by slow starvation. I dont think i will ever understand why he see’s himself as he is not, Fat. I dont understand how a creative person can be so disillusioned into believing they are what they are not. I can only hope in time that Dr Birmingham finds him the help he needs.
PS it would be such a waste of talent if he were killed by Anorexia.
Thats all Anorexia wants to do to you is kill you by your own hand.
Best of Wishes to your family in finding him the help he needs before its too late.

01/31/14 @ 17:47
Comment from: UVIC Kicks UBC Thunderbird Butt [Visitor]
UVIC Kicks UBC Thunderbird Butt
5 stars

You are so not Fat. What you are is sick and in need of help. You need treatment. I started following your blogs and web page 4 years ago. So i can say this with reassurance. Your Family is correct when they posted about the destruction anorexia has on talented persons. I like most who posted comments cant understand why you cant see it for what it is. Your strive for perfection is a dissolution caused by the destructive force of anorexia. What Anorexia is slowly doing is starving you to death.
I would like to know what you think about that.
I would like to know your thoughts on persons who starve themselves to death. A cruel form of punishment, Would you not think.
Best regards to your Family and for Me Me Me get him the help he needs. Personally i think he is worth the treatment and time it takes to conquer the destructive forces of Anorexia
UVIC Kicks WaNNaBe UBC ThunderBird Butt

01/30/14 @ 18:51
Comment from: Men suffer from Anorexia [Visitor]
Men suffer from Anorexia
5 stars

Anorexia is non discrimitive so it affects boys and girls. The last statement was narrow minded and very jock.
David - UBC Thunderbirds Rule
a statement one would expect to be from a redneck.
I am embarrassed to say, that i am a student at UBC. I do support what the receptionist did. I hope one day your Family gets him into treatment. I think he is worth the time and effort. Dr Birmingham is a remarkable Dr but unfortunately Martin needs is in hospital treatment. I do have one question i would like to ask without sounding naive.
Why do you call Martin, Me Me Me
PS A bunch of us in the Teck department love the web pages he developed the meta tags he runs on the pages are the most complet and advanced tags we have ever seen on one web site. We believe most were created by him for better search indexing and to help search engines deep index his work. He also runs an average of 300 hyperlinks on each page. Search engine would normally ignore such a web site but not his. We believe the tags are the reason why they index his. The person who developed all this is a Very creative person and should be in treatment. If treated how much better would they do.
Best Regards Dana Smith

01/20/14 @ 18:29
Comment from: Lisa Brigport - Scotland [Visitor]
Lisa Brigport - Scotland
5 stars

Looking at this photo of You, One can see your not FAT. What you are is skin and bones and you need help. I don’t understand how a creative intellectual like yourself, cant see it for what it is “Anorexia” a disorder that is slowly killing you. I can only pray that one day you understand this before you become a victim to Anorexia. I hope your Family and Dr Birmingham find you the help you need. It would be sad to see good talent destroyed by Anorexia.
Best Regards to your Family as for Me Me Me all i can do is pray he has a swift recovery from the destructive forces of Anorexia.
Lisa Brigport - Scotland
PS What gives with this email i recived after i sent a comment that was Never Posted and why do you keep refusing to except a donation from me or is it because Me Me Me did somthing so your Family cant recive donations to help place him into a treatment center.
Email sent by MetromanVasil
Whom you Be? Why you be pestering me with you posting comments in my world Me dont know you. Whats up with this narly comment. You must not have better stuff to ocupy you life with then wast you time posting comment that will Never be posted. I prefer if you were to watch stuff from around the world then wast time posting comments in my world. Best of life to you Metroman

01/16/14 @ 19:48
Comment from: David - UBC Thunderbirds Rule [Visitor]
David - UBC Thunderbirds Rule
5 stars

Excuse my ignorance but i cant seem to Grasp how Me Me Me can do all this computer stuff and not see himself for what he is. Skin and Bones. The last he needs is to lose 50 more lbs, What he needs is more food or have his skinny little ass tied down and food forced into him. If he was part of my Family, it would have done been done to him long ago. If he keeps refusing to start eating he will die, One would think that would be reason in itself to have that person start beating. All i can say is, Such a waste of a creative Canadian mind. This shows the world what poor state our medical system is in and how little we value human life except our own.
PS I did notice him a few weeks ago at UBC Students Clinic. He was sitting on the floor alone in the back playing with a toy car and From what i could see, Me Me Me looks withdrawn and like he was starved in a concentration camp. (I found it odd to see him playing with a toy car. I’m confused why your Family haven’t taken them from him and trashed them or why you even allow or encourage him to play with them. Toys are for children) I wanted to have a word with him and ask him what’s up with this Anorexia girl thing and why he dont want to man up and eat. As i started walking towards the back of the clinic one of the staff came running around the corner and asked what i was doing and if i needed help, I told her i wanted to talk with the person sitting alone playing with the toy and ask him what gives with this Anorexia and to Man up. She looked like she was going into a complete state of shock filled with an air of Panic, As she snapped out of it and started to regain her composure she snapped and told me i cant approach him. She explained that he’s part of a small group of persons who should not be disturbe. Like most of the comments posted, I just dont get it. I dont understand how a creative person can be disillusioned to the point of thinking they are Fat and starving themself dead. I Just Dont Get It.
Best regards David
PS you got to tell Me Me Me to stop playing with toys and to Man Up.
UBC Rocks and Rules the World
Thunderbirds, Thunderbirds, Thunderbirds
UVIC Sucks the Gas from a Dead Man’s Ass.

(Please remove this comment in brackets before posting. I cant get over some of the stuff Me Me Me post. I started to use this phrase /Sucks the Gas from a Dead Man’s ass/ after i was shown his blog on DomainDotCrap by a group of UBC students in the tech department. I also got a credit for it after i presented it to the teacher as a descriptive verse.

01/12/14 @ 18:29
Comment from: Selvakumari Sampath [Visitor]
Selvakumari Sampath
5 stars

We much support what your Family, Dr Birmingham are doing for you. Your Definitely Not Overweight. What you are is highly creative and talented, who unfortunately has a destructive mind. How this can be I and my classmates do not fully understand. So please believe, you are not Overweight. You are skin and bones, You can see in the photos your Family post of you. It’s hard for my Family and Friends to understand this dissolution that is slowly causing you a slow death by starvation. Part of me wishes you lived in Sri Lanka or i lived in Canada with you. I would love to help you. I would give myself completely to you and the help you need to recover. I believe we have much in common. You opened my Family’s and Relations, my Friends and my eyes to the outside world. My friends and I use your Family’s TV Directory and after our Friend Sanjeewa Emailed us the link. My Friends all say you have wife.
Best of Regards Selvakumari Sampath Family, Relations and Friends
Anuradhapura Sri Lanka
PS My Friend Sanjeewa would never forgive me if i dint wish you good health on her behalf. She kept asking if you excepted comment yet. This will be the 18 time we sending a comment with our teachers help but none were posted. Now we post this comment without Teachers help.

12/20/13 @ 21:14
Comment from: Arika Sing [Visitor]
Arika Sing
5 stars

I must first point out that my Family and Friends all use your TV Directory and we love the way you opened the world to us. For that we want to say Thank-you. But now i must say with stress we do not understand why you think your fat or why foods hate you. Foods are good for you. After reading the posted comments I must agree with most and favored the one posted by Shakuntala. One must consume food if one wants to stay alive. I do not understand How you can live with not much food in you. I do not understand why you starve yourself or why you believe you are fat. The photo shows a sick and malnourished person who i believe needs help and not what you claim to be a Fat person. I pray your Family finds the help you need to over come your fear of food.
Best of wishes to your Family.
Arika Sing
Bombay India

12/20/13 @ 20:09
Shakuntala Gitanjali
5 stars

I must say, I do support your Familys and Dr Birminghams desition to have Me Me Me in sleep treatment. Such a remarkable Person, It would be devastating if he was to surcome to Anorexia in a wealthy Country like Canada. My Family and I use your Family’s TV Directory developed by Martin and it has opened our Eyes to the world. My Mom insist that i post this for her. She wants me to tell him he is skin and bones and should eat. Mom’s are the best. Looking forward to his recovery.
Best of Prayers to your Family
Shakuntala Gitanjali and Family
Bombay India

12/04/13 @ 18:22
Anjushri Shakambari
5 stars

Anorexia nervosa involves self-starvation placeing Me Me Me at high risk for suicide. So I Support your Family’s decision to have him place in sleep treatment. Persons should not be allowed to starve himself because they think they are Fat when they are not. My Family use your Familys TV Directory in Bangladesh to watch Canada News and some shows from Europe we would like to say Blessings to your Family and pray you find Me Me Me the help he needs. In the photo he looks sick.
Best wishes Shakambari Family

12/04/13 @ 17:50
Comment from: Ojaswini Padmakali [Visitor]
Ojaswini Padmakali
5 stars

I support your Family’s decision to have you placed in sleep treatment.
Anorexia nervosa has one of the highest rates of mortality in psychological disorders, a disorder you suffer from. After reading your blogs it is obvious your a risk to your self. I can not understand this disorder or why you think you’re fat when you are not. Your inteligent, The developer of the worlds biggest TV Directory and so i cant understand why you would starve yourself. It is not common place in Sri Lanka for persons to starve oneself. We celebrate God and good prosperity with food. I can only pray your Family gets you the help you need.
Best wishes to your Family
Ojaswini Padmakali
Sri Lanka

12/04/13 @ 17:40
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]
5 stars

From what i see in the photo and from what i know about you, You need help. Your not Fat, You’re Sick. After reading your blogs i can only think Anorexia. You eat less then 500 cals a day if that. For that reason i support what Dr Birmingham and your Family plan to do with you. Sleep treatment is the only option they now have. Like your Family posted numerous times in the past, You brought this onto your self. Why dont you just eat and stop stressing us all out. We all want to help you but we cant. We cant because you intervene in treatment. I work at Saint Paul’s and i know you. I know you and the tantrums that come with you. I watched you throw trays of food on staff when we tried to help you eat. I watched you Flood out a Ward and i watched you throw food at patients when we tried to have you sit with them. So please understand Martin, We are Looking forward to your returning to our ward, This time We are prepared for you and your Savage Tantrums. From what we’re told, this will be soon. Looking Forward
Best Regards from the Staff at Saint Paul’s

12/03/13 @ 19:58
Comment from: Joe [Visitor]
Try these links for anorexia: try a multivitamin + C and a b complex
07/11/13 @ 04:52
Comment from: Life is good [Visitor]
Life is good
I love watching stuff from around Europe. I have you to be tankful towards for creating the tv directory and opening up the world to me. What i can't seem to understand is why a creative and intelligent person like yourself, would knowingly starve yourself to death. Such an unusual form of cruel punishment What makes even less sense is no one is stopping you from doing this. Now i don't know what is more disturbingly sick and twisted, Them letting you starve yourself or you doing this to yourself. If you truly love life you would find it in you to eat. Life is good. Best Regards Milly Strogman
06/24/13 @ 18:00
Comment from: Happy Life [Visitor]
Happy Life
The online work you do is remarkable. I used and will keep useing your tv directory What i dont understand is why a bright and inteligent person like yourself cant seem to understand that your not fat and the only outcome if you keep starving yourself is a slow death by self starvation. I will never understand why a gifted person would do something as twisted as that.
06/24/13 @ 16:57
Comment from: Misty Conroy [Visitor]
Misty Conroy
Sick that Dr's at Saint Paul's Refuse to help your Family. The person you call Me Me Me needs Help. Why cant they see that. You just have to look at the photos and you can see this person is Starving. What i don't understand is why Martin is not standing up with his Nasty Followers to bring attention towards your Family's struggles to place Me Me Me into treatment. You would figure a developer like Martin would help his own brother. So Shame on Martin and Metroman and his nasty followers for not standing up for Me Me Me and helping to get him into treatment.
06/05/13 @ 16:54
Comment from: Alison Smith [Visitor]
Alison Smith
This is not a joke is it? A friend forwarded this blog link to me. Asked if this was real time. I tried to read the blogs posted and i cant. I found them Triggering me to a point that i will not return. I can only pray for your Family, Pray he gets the help he needs. Looking at the photo's one can see how his health is fading away, that It's only a matter of time before death happens. I don't understand why Dr's at Saint Paul's cant see it for what it is. I don't understand why Dr's at Saint Paul's are letting him starve him self. I don't understand why Dr's at Saint Paul's are turning backs on your family. What ever the reason, No One should have to go through what your family is going through. All i can say is, Shame on Saint Paul's eating disorders ward for knowingly letting this go on. Shame on them and Dr's working at Saint Paul's I will advise my Friend that this is real. Best of Regards Alison Smith
06/05/13 @ 16:47
Comment from: Alison McNeil [Visitor]
Alison McNeil
This is disturbing I don't understand why Dr's at Saint Paul's disregard him. You can see by the photo he needs help. To think this is going on in Canada is (Sic)
06/05/13 @ 16:13
Comment from: Whatsup Chicano [Visitor]
Whatsup Chicano
Whats going on. Man you look no well. Food good for you. Make you strong. Girl like man who eat food. Make you Look good. Man you not look well.
06/04/13 @ 19:15
this oppened my eyes
My Family Donated to Saint Paul's hospital in Vancouver Canada each year for the past 15 years. After reading this post and passing it on to my Mom and Dad, They decided it would be best to no lounger donate to Saint Paul's or VGH this year. My parents instead will donated the $150,000 to Royal Jubilee in Victoria. They will stop all donations to Saint Paul's and will advise friends to do the same until matters between your Family and them are resolved. Best of Regards Dalaray Sing Richmond B.C. PS They should be ashamed of the way they disregarded a human life. They should be ashamed by the way they treat drug addicts with better regards. They should be ashamed each time they give a bed to a drug addict knowing they will only go back on the streets and do more drugs. They should be ashamed for wasting a bed and funds treating drug addicts and not a talented and compassionate person like Martin that they send home with out help. My Family's donations are not to be wasted on drug addicted Humans that steal from us when they need drugs, When talented persons like Martin are disregarded by the same Dr's (Sic)
06/03/13 @ 20:22
Comment from: helphim [Visitor]  
You can see by the photo's this person needs help. I don't understand why the Dr's at Saint Paul's Hospital are refusing to help treat him or why the Canadian government is not intervening in this matter. What makes it more disturbing is the lack of media attention your family's struggles receive. What is even more disturbing is you host over 10,000 links to TV stations web sites around the world, and not one has covered your struggles or offered to help your Family. Makes me see them as opportunistic who wont even help a sick person who promotes them to his followers for over 5 years for free. Shame on Global News Vancouver for disregarding a human life. Shame on CTV News Vancouver for disregarding a human life. Shame on CBC News Vancouver for disregarding a human life.(i DONT EXPECT BETTER FROM A FRENCH PERSON) Shame on CITYTV News Vancouver for disregarding a human life. Shame on VANCOUVER SUN Newspaper in Vancouver for disregarding a human life. Shame on the Provence News Vancouver for disregarding a human life. Shame on the Canadian government for disregarding a human life. Shame on Americans who use his service and disregard his health and welfare. (How many of you reported him to the police like i did? I live in France) So Shame on us for disregarding his Life. Canadians Boast how kind they are when they visit France. But now all i see are Fat Canadians and Americans who boast how kind they are but give you no tip! Now i show them all disregard and yes I charge them More. Fat Boastful Americans and Canadians alike. Now we have our own kind who return from Canada and Canada who claim to be Europeans but act and look like migrant American and Canadian Pigs. You can tell them apart by how Bitter Hatred and Unkind they are. Like this part of the blog about them. This would explain why he is starving to death. Only in America.
06/03/13 @ 19:49

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