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I dont want to be a #FatPerson

After what happened tonight i dont want to eat food again.

I thought she had value on my life and would be pleased that i ate the food she cooked.

That was not the case and it was only 1 hr of my time to see it for what it is.

A lesson well earned and one that most likely not happen again.

This is what happened.

Plans were made for me to go and watched the Amazing race and try to eat something. I excepted to eat 5 perogies and i sat and waited for the show to start. The person who was making them came and sat, As we talked she looked at me and stated, i think your pierogies are burning. As she was laughing she got up walked into the kitchen and returned. I could see smoke in the kitchen and as she returned i asked her what the smoke was and why it smelt like gross oil. She told me it was in my head and sat looking at the TV so i turned and looked at the TV thinking about the smoke and why it smelt like burning oil.


Fat Persons Drink Oil.

I Dont.


Thats why I am Fat.

I wish i could cut into my arms to show you how much fat oil i have building up in me.

It so grosses me out.

Now i cant stop thinking about it and thats not what i want to blog about.

As we were sitting she looked at me again and told me she thinks the pierogies are burning so i got up with her to go and look. I looked in the pan and it was So Gross.

Like 1 inch of Fat Oil in the pan smoking away.

She took them out of the pan and you could see the top was burnt black hard and same with the bottom and the middle of the pastry between the top and bottom was not even cooked.

Instead of saying i will make you more, She broke one open and stated look its steaming hot just eat it.

Then she told me, I dint spend this time cooking this food for you to refuse it. I tried to tell her the pastry in the middle was not cooked and would make me sick then i walked back into the living room to watch the show but i could feel the tension and a confrontation with her was going to start so i got up and went home.

I did not feel welcomed and she had all week knowing i would arrive.

But i dont think that mattered to her.

This is what she told me when i told her i dint eat food all week except for 3 ensure each day so i could eat with her.

She responded I dont Cair.

So i got up and dint even wish Danica goodnight who was in her room and made my way home.

Pleased i did not eat that food tonight,

It would have made me sick.

After what happened tonight


It was so gross/

Dalits Untouchables of India


The Untouchables of India

Video Documentary

For a Hyperlinked TV Directory

Check out Television Directory 

Word of wisdom from Canada's King and President Martin Vasil addressing the Hindu Leaders

I know about Hinduism from a young age.

Like Judaism You claim to be inspired By God !!!!!!

God is a Patient, Reflective and Merciful Man who would never opress a people

Now I belive the one's who are polluted are the Hindu leaders.

It is not the Dalits who are polluted but the ones who persecute them.

They must remove the cast system because it is Not the will of God.

Let me tell you this.


Who are You to insult and shame the principles of creation by claiming that god has persons under Her Feet called the Dalits who are Polluted would make Her (Creation) A Racist PigGoat Bigot, would it not.

This is what you're trying to have persons believe, That Creation is about oppressing the poor!

Hinduism is Not Inspired by a Profit of God.

You are not the Judge of Souls or even close to the Creator, You're Not Even Profits or Gods Slaves.

If you were you would Never oppress the Dalits.

You managed with violence and death to have them believe that they are Under God's feet When They are Not.

 Now I Warn You, It is the Hindus who are Polluted because They persecuted the poor and Shame Creation.

Let this be a warning to all.

Let enney person place a striking hand on a Dalits (Poor) that person's family will be polluted (Cursed) with violence, sufferings, misfortune and Death. They will not be reincarnated unless they seek forgivness for what they did. All who refuse to help the Dalits will be polluted, the Families they come from will be polluted and in moment of need help will be refused them if any Hindu Family helps them knowing they refused a Dalits They will be polluted and recive the same fate. All who look down at the Dalits will be polluted and there children will receive the same fate.

My Family asked that i Deticat India TV Directory to the Dalits so i will.

I will do the same on India TV

I will also be looking for Videos and posting a blog page on the oppresion faceing the Dalits from Hindus and others.

Creation is not about Oppression, It's about God's desire.

God's desire is simple.

Remove your Borders live in peace with each other regardless of Race.

Please dont send this type of comment

Posted by our Family

This Racist comment was sent to us and posted on


I do not think a liposuction would be good for him. As a matter of fact, I believe it would cause him great sufferings. He looks most like the polluted Dalits persons seen sitting around the streets of Bombay and Mumbai begging for handouts. What i think he needs is to be in an asylum until he eats. If you would like, My Family can make arrangements in India for a small fee to make this happen. We use your tv directory from India and would like to help have him stay with our Family and Relations liveing in Bombay and Delhi Our deep prayers to Chiva for your Family to help make him healty.


Mom say's if the slanderus comments sent to us from Hindus towards the Dalits continus, Mom will have Me Me Me forget about finding a Sri Lankan girlfriend and select a Dalits Girl for Me Me Me to live and be with. Mom will demand Martin dedicate India TV Directory to the Dalits when she talks to him in a few day's. (I dont know who or what the Dalits are or why 5 Family Members including Milan Art are freaking out over them or why it's such a big deal that Me Me Me has to dedicate his India TV Directory to them and find one to hang around with when he has us. Like who are they!!!!!! and why such a big DEAL!!!!!)

If your motivation lacks stimulation

A blog created by Martin that our Family would like to share with you all.


If your motivation lacks stimulation

or your stimulation lacks motivation

give it a swift kick in the ass

if that dont work

congratulate and reward yourself for being lazy


go out and find somthing new to do.


As was blog on Me Me Me's Europen Scrip

Visited with Claudia, Mel and Danica Mae

Went to see Danica, Mel and Claudia yesterday and that was pleasent. We Talked and watched TV as we waited for Mel to get home. It started to get late so Danica, Claudia started to eat without Mel. We all ate Beef Stew and i ate 8 pieces of carrots, 4 pieces of potato and 9 pieces of stewed beef. When Mel got home she ate and them Claudia made a cake for my B Day. I asked for a Choclick cake with peanut butter mixed with the icing and thats what she made. It was so perfect and tasty. I ate 1 piece. It was late by the time i got home.


Appointment today with #Dr Birmingham

This Blog was Edited by our Family

Me Me Me will Not be online Again tonight...! Over 5 weeks without a computer, you would figure one would learn Not to Slander! We know about her Raciest Facebook Acc and the 3 other Acc's so too the Police. We told Martin we need to see if we can drag her and the group who slander and are Racist towards him into a courthouse to fully express the hate they have towards an Aboriginal Metis who Only did good towards them and wanted to inspire them to do good. We also told Martin, They are Cowards who hide behind a Bandana that put out hate and to let Facebook and the Police investigate them, If he slanders them it might be damaging towards our case. We promised Me Me Me that We Will drag her and the rest of them to the Human Rights Tribunal like we did with his former employer and we will. If he wants he can forward the Racist slander to the persons employers so they can see who and what kind of persons work for them, The blogs they post are Public.


The two o'clock appointment at #UBC with Dr. B was pleasant and easy on me. The staff all wished me a happy B day

(Yesterday was my B day. I stayed home and waited for a person who promised they would call but did not so i went off to the Bog with a Friend and found 1 Dead Bald Eagle and a bunch of feathers, it was sunny all day at the bog with a few clouds and you could see heavy clouds around Vancouver. 


This part of the blog was removed by our Family


 After i got home from the Bog i took a walk around the Sea wall in light rain then made my way back home to watch the Amazing Race. All my Family called and BK from IceKolKut located on Commercial Drive wished me a happy b day, Lounglife wished me a happy b day.

Sadly i received no gifts or cash except from Johnny Karanovic and his Mom Lucia who gave me 50 dollars.

That might change when i see my Sister Claudia, Milan Art, Danica May and Mel.)

and yes like all other times they (the staff at UBC students clinic) were all smiles, filling the air with joy. It kind of rubs off on u and makes you all Uggg Happy Happy.

 One of the Girls talked with me for a few minutes before she returned to work as did a few other staff before they returned to work.

Pleased the supervisor allows it. It takes away my eagerness and inpatients and it helps me sit and talk with Dr B about what is going on with food and i, Not about why did i sit for like ever Dr B before it was my turn to see you, what did i do to deserve this, is all that goes on in my mind when that happens so what they do and how the staff interacts with me helps big time. I dont feel comfy in a medical office that is all work and no smile so i am pleased the staff help remove the edge with smiles and kindness. Reminds me of the kindness and reflective nature that was shown me by Lalya and Linda at Reach. It motivated me to do what i did.

That Cougar Nurse was not around to give me the b12 shot so the other nurse gave me the shot, Now i have a bruise and sore arm from it. I would prefer if that Cougar gave me the shot because i get no bruise or sore arm.

Dr Birmingham and i talked about Sleep Treatment, the pros and cons surrounding that form of treatment. Dr Birmingham is concerned about the possible reaction i might have towards weight gain and what might happen after. I think he knows about the odd reaction i had when i returned to Canada from Slovakia that caused me to take a bunch of pills. I dont think it had anything commen with the Gain of 30 pounds in Slovakia.

I know Dr Birmingham is correct when he talked about the good effect the 5 weeks of sleep treatment in Slovakia had on me and how much of the problems went away but for some reason returned,

I know the sleep treatment did something positive to my brain because i was not reacting towards food the way i was in the past and am now.

Samantha had sleep treatment in Europe for 7 weeks, Darcy was 4 weeks and Tracy was a few days more than 5 weeks and they told me it refreshed them and that what i told them about how it felt like i was alive was what was going on with them.

Tracy told me she and Darcy are eating 2 meals each day and Samantha told me she started to eat 3 meals each day 3 weeks ago.

This time it will be in Canada and i will have the support i need and my Family says i have no choice. My Mom and Sisters and Brother say its whats best for me and one day i will be grateful. I dont understand why Milan Art or the Rest of my Family's opinion matters when they dont like me and only want to make me fat or why the human rights tribunal can decide they have say over me and not me.

They dont understand Food hates me and i dont understand what i did for it to not like me.

Dr Birmingham will make an apoinment for me to have the upper part of my stomach looked at before Dr Heins decides if i will go into sleep treatment and for how much time.

I see Dr Birmingham in 2 weeks and Dr Heins in 6 weeks.

Dr B and i talked about the 2 or 3 ensure i drink each day and at times when i wake up i see 2 to 4 extra empty bottles that i dont remember drinking. Dr B thinks its because my body is starving. I dont agree with that. How can i be starving when i eat like a goat pig each day, Thats why i'm overweight and in time Dr B will see it my way.

Dr Birmingham and i talked about food and i asked if i could just drink the Ensure. Dr B told me it was OK and to try and drink 4.

That made my day.

I hate food and it makes me sick and fat, so i am pleased i get to only drink Ensure.

The chance of me gaining weight on Ensure is so less than 0 that i will drink 3 each day.

Pleased Dr Birmingham is understanding and kind towards me.

Not like Lalya.

How Lalya got me to drink 6 Ensure each day with 2 meals is beyond me especially when i knew i was overweight and i hate food.

All i know is Lalya was always under my skin or in my head asking what i ate or what im doing and she still is.

It's like i cant get her out of my skin.

I need to wash and rest.

Wet day today in Vancouver.

Will be doing stuff on 

Some time tonight

Help Vancouvers Top Docs

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Join the fight against colon cancer.

Help Support Team Vancouver

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I dont support

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