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It all changed after her Drunken stupor

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My Toys and My Stuff (Dont touch)

I dont want them touching my toys.

It's my stuff.

I dont want them playing with my stuffed animals or my trains,

It's MY Things.


I dont want them looking at my stuff.

I dont want them in my room.

I dont want them playing with Meowth or my Gorilla or the Mouse i sleep with.

It's my stuff.

My Toys and My Things, Not for Them.


i just want to sit in My Room and completely forget about them.

I need stuff.

I wanted that train because i NEED it.

I told them i would blog how Mean and unkind they are if they dint buy me that train and all they did was ignore Me.

I wish i could yell at them in the store more then i did.

Even that lady working in that store offered to give me that Toy Train and she told her No.

I hate them.

I'm pleased i dint eat today and i hope i never eat again.

I wish i never awakened and went out with them.

I load them. 

What part of,

i Need That cant they GRASP.


It's because Im fat that all this happened.

I just want to sit in my Room with My stuff.

I hate them.


Posted by our Family

Yes Mom know's you need more things. Unfortunately Mom says you Don't Need more Toys, What you need is to spend the next 5 day's in your room to think about the Nasty tantrum you had in the store.

Embarrassing is all all i can say.

Me Me Me it's all about Me.

Mom says You will never understand HOW Lucky you are that she has a Job and that She is willing to help support your skinny ass. Mom will be talking to Grandpa and Grandma about your Nasty Me Me Me I Want Tantrums and Dr Birmingham because it's not getting better and you keep refusing to eat a normal meal.

Now you have to spend the next week in your room, 5 days alone with your toys to think it over. I dont understand why you cant do what your told and forget about stupid toys that Mom cant aford to buy you.

How some #PigGoats live

This is how the Pig Goat lived in 403 and the Pig Goat mess she gave a 80 year old landlady Lucia to clean and repair.

A Mom who could be your Mom who lost her son Martin last Jan and her Husband Joe a few years ago.

Because they never raised rent she is not as wealthy as so claim.

Fortunately regardless of what persons slander about me or blog that i am a scammer or regardless of the lack of donations my Family receives to help me, I will never be like most and disregard an elder even if it's not my Mom or Dad.

So I am pleased to say that out of all the persons who live in my building including the compassion club, I was the only one who offered to help her clean that pig pen.

This is Photos of the mess and work that i dont believe she deserved and why persons dont want to rent to most persons on welfare and yes Lucia will be stuck with the bill for a new Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher, Tub, Drywall, Lights, Vanity and a few other things like a new floor in all rooms and bathroom.

The price tag will be around $10,000,00 plus the $150.00 for dumping her crap.

The charge for all the work is not included and would be, just painting 48hrs and 10 - 14 hrs to lay down the floor and 8 to 12hrs to tile and repair the washroom, Now you have to add the scraping of the ceiling because of damage 42 hrs, plus plastering the walls and holes and celings then sanding all the walls and ceilings 28hrs, 8hrs to remove carpet and moldings.

 Lucia will not be charged more then a few hundred dollars for my time if even that.

Do the Math at over 130 Hrs at a cheap pay rate of $20.00 would be over $2,000 that a 80 year old lady would have to pay.

 Now that Aboriginal Pig Goat and her 2 children moved into Aboriginal Housing paid for by Taxpayers.

Cheap Rent and now more Cash for the Pig Goat's Beer and Drugs and a big bill for Lucia and a rent increase for the person who moves in.

I posted the Photos so persons can see how this Aboriginal Pig Goat Lived.

Yes I Am proud to be an Aboriginal Human who loves to upkeep my home that now has Bamboo floors all around.

To Think that my Body is sick and all i could do is 5 or 6 hrs each other day and no person except Chris offered to help makes me sick to my Tummy.

Jonny wanted to help but i told him to say with is Mom and not disturb because i found Bed Bugs that his Mom dont need.

Johnny knows i am sick and will finish what i cant do.

Who was I to expect from the rest of the teanents when persons like the ones in 302 who wants my home and the rest of the tenants that laff at me because i clean up around the building or vacuum the stairs and hallways for an 80 year old landlord that failed to raise rent for the past 15 years.

Some persons are paying less then $800.00 for a 2 bedroom and 1/2 den with living room and diningroom and kitchen and they cant even be bothered to pick up the trash from the mailbox and dispose of it or help pay a Fair part of the water bill.

#Toxoplasmosis #Gondii Is your #Cat turning you into a #Zombie

Toxoplasma gondii 

Life cycle and Invasion



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Bullied by apartment 401 and 302 at 1675 east 14th avenue Vancouver B.C

This has started after the 2 of them moved in.

She wants my apartment so she can live next door to her Pig Goat boyfriend in 401 and has approached Martin a bunch of times with no Bra asking for my apartment with me around. Martin told her he would be willing to rent her my Grave, But she dont pay her rent on time.

Let me tell you this

When Martin, Lucia and Joe's home burnt down, Joe needed help and no one wanted to help him back on his feet, All they wanted was what little cash he had.

Joe knew i was Martins friend and approached me one day and told me what was going on.

In exchange for helping him he would let me live in Martins old apartment at a fix rate and made arrangements with Welfare for me to move from 6th ave.

So i help him and Joe kept his end of the deal.

A few weeks before Joe passed away he asked me if something happened to him would i help Lucia keep his project alive for her and his children by helping Martin get stuff done, I told him i would.

Martin was sick so i would go and i keep going for store runs and help keep the apartment building clean or do stuff in apartments when persons moved out.

My relation with Joe, Martin and Lucia just kept growing.

On occasion i would meet Marcia and Johnny, Lucia and Joe's Daughter and Son.

Joe passed away 5 years ago and Martin passed away last January the 1st.

I know Lucia is over 80 years of age and not well so i encourage Johnny and Marcia to spend all the time they can with her and to bond with each other. Johnny cant do this if he has to clean and renovate apartments and i dont think his head is into it at this point in time.

Thats why for the past 5 days i dint do stuff on or

because i started to renovate apartment 403 after a bunch of Dirty Pig Goats moved out and left behind a Pig Goat mess for a 80 plus year old lady to clean.

A Lady that could be Your Mom.

I know the Family and like most Families who struggle with Death, They need time alone.

So i will renovate as much as i can to take the stress off Johnny and his Mom and Sister.

Regardless of all this or that i had to call Johnny tonight to tell him the noise of the Video Game or Movie they were watching or playing was way loud and was going through my bedroom walls at 11:30 it did not stop.

401 and 302 do this most every night and she in 302 has asked Johnny for my Apartment.

The only kind of person who would do this are Pig Goat Scum Bags like her and him that place no value on Human life.

A perfect example of what cowards are like. 

The reason i know this is because Johnny told me he is tired of her asking when she can move into my Apartment.

She pay late rent and is polluted like 401 who keep disturbing me with super loud and i am not healthy.

Sad to think persons like that go through life steeping on the sick and disadvantaged but go around acting like they are Angels.

She makes Clotting and she do extra work for the movie industry in Vancouver and he works at a Bar and is a WaNNaBe Musician who spends his time smoking pot and playing video games.

I went to Johnny's house and removed the Bamboo floor and i alone took 4 days to remove the nails so i could replace the dirty 30 year old carpet. The first floor i removed from Johnny's home i dint like so i installed it in the apartment rented by Chris and Karen. I tried to explain it to MiLan Art but he insisted on Installing it in my home. That was removed and replaced with Bamboo so understand this IT Person Pig Goat in 302 did 0 to deserve the Apartment i live in.

If this continues i will drag them to the Human Rights Tribunal and all other persons involved for taking advantage of me and causing me to suffer with triggers caused by them.

The Bullies in apartment 401 and 302 at 1675 east 14th avenue Vancouver B.C are the last Pig Goats i would ever employ or have has friends.

They are Pig Goats employed by Persons who support Bullies and they deserve to be boycotted and targeted online.

The names of Apartment 401 and 302 can be found on my other networks underground.

A few Days ago around 1:30 at night when i knocked on her door she opened and looked at me and asked what i wanted, I asked if she could lower the noise because i had work early in the morning fixing an apartment for Lucia. She looked at me then started laffing and told me Johnny was getting me to renovate apartments and other stuff but was going to tell me to move out when i am done. She told me he told her he wanted to get me to do all this stuff for free befour he gives her my apartment and that i was just a stupid losser indian who renovated my apartment for her. She then told me to F Off and slamed the door shut.

I will let you know what i recived as pay from Johnny in my Blogs and if he gave me the 3 pairs of Jeans he promised.

Everything Johnny told me he would do for me he Has just like his Dad and he even offers me cash when he see's me and he gives me 1 or 2 $20.00 bills so why would he give a person like her my home?

Plus all she is, is a rental slave.

I dont belive Her because i did to much for his Family for him to Give Pig Goat in 302 who is A Stranger my Apartment.

I think she and her Pig Goat are just pissed off because i am what they are not, Human

Johnny knows touching her leads to a Law suit. Landloards cant have afairs with tenents.

If they do they could lose the building.

If i were ever fourced to move i will take you to the Human Rights To explain yourself and why you took advantige of a Mental Health Patient.

I recomend you read this file below befour you Toy with Me or take advantige of me.,%202009%20BCHRT%20117.html

#Gallstone Attack is painful

I dont understand why it happened but it did and it was painful.

Johnny had called and asked if i was going to do some stuff in the apartment that the PigGoats moved out of. I told him i would in a few moments. As i was getting set to go i got this sharp pain in my tummy on the right side. I thought it was bad gas so i layed down on the floor but that did not help, The pain just got worst to the point that i had to call UBC Students clinic to ask them what was going on with my body. The nurse that talked to me told me to get to VGH as fast as i can. She made me panic so i called Johnny and ask him if he would drive me to VGH and he did. All the way to VGH it just got worst and worst. I was crying from the pain and when we finally arrived at VGH the nurse took me to emergency and they knocked me out. The Dr told me what happened when i awakened. He explained i had a 5 mm stone that caused all the pain. It had to be removed. I dint think about the dark pee i had the night before. The Dr told me it was blood and the next time i see black like pee to go to the hospital. That pain was the most intense pain i have ever had to tolerate. It lasted for 3 days after the attack.

Martin had a #GallstoneAttack yesterday

Posted by our Family

John Kaurinovic stoped what he was doing and rushed Martin to Vancouver General Hospital after a gallstone attack.

Martin was seen and help by Dr.Kim, Daniel J.

He is back home today and needs rest.

We will ask him to blog about it so other persons can understand what happens and what the symptoms are.

The Painkiller Hydromorphone prescribed to him was removed by us and Discarded. We were informed by Dr's at Saint Paul's Years ago that Martin might have an addictive personality and for that reason Martin can go without the Painkillers.

#Appointment Monday with #DrBirmingham

I arived for the 3 o'clock with Dr Birmingham at UBC Students Clinic just in time.

The staff at UBC Students Clinic were so super preoccupied with work that i can't 100% say they were Happy Happy,

They were or looked more like Bizzy Bee's harvesting lost files for the winter.

Buzz Buzz Buzzing around looking for files to bring back to the hive.

(Computer Problems)

I did manage to talk to a few of the Staff before Dr B brought me too his office for the 3:00 appointment.

It was exactly at 3:00 when we sat and started to talk about the past week.

We talked about the Ensure and starting today i have to drink 3 or 4 each day and try to eat 1 meal. I also need to go to Saint Paul's for blood work in the next few days. Dr B thinks my electrolytes might be low.

I missed an appointment with Dr B last week, Dr B thinks i might be getting forgetfull and i look exhausted but tryed to tell him i am energised with a bunch of stuff i want to do.

Dr B wants me to try and eat more food, I can only try. I told him i will try to avoid washing the grease off my chicken. I just dont like it and it freaks out my brain. I dont understand why i have to eat oil foods when it's bad for you. I just have to try and figure it out before i do.

Seeing Dr Birmingham is helping me understand that something might be going on in my brain that is not balanced.

I dont understand why but my Brain is freaked about it and dont like to see it the way Dr Birmingham explains it.

The only time it was happy today was when Dr Birmingham told me, You look like you lost some weight. I had this joy going through me and my Brain telling me, See you're starting to get perfect and persons will notice your perfect and want to kmow you more and more because persons love persons who are perfect because it makes them shine being around that person. But if you do what Dr B tells you, You'll gain weight and persons will see you as a Goat Pig.

That i dont want.

All the thoughts running through my head did, was distracted me from what Dr B was saying.

I tryed to explain to Dr B that Good stuff has started to happen for me after i stoped eating food and drinking water, All this started to happen Only after i started drinking 2 ensure a day. I tryed to explain that My thoughts are more focused and i dont need to sleep as much as i did before. My brain told me all this would happen if i only drink 2 ensure a day, Then If i only drink 1 ensure each 2 days for the next 15 weeks i will be perfect and a positive change will happen for me and my Family and other persons will be pleased with me and like me.

Dr Birmingham told me he refusses to entertain such toughts and will see me i the next few weeks.

Yes i did drink 2 ensure Monday and 1 just now.

I also ate 5 spoonfulls of Tuna Casarol and half a Chocolet Chip Bisket, Thats around 8000 cals.

Looking forward to the next Appointment with Dr Birmingham.

So pleased he told me i looked like i lost some weight.

Got a smile on my face thinking about it.

He did send my brain in panic mode when he told me he wanted to do a BMI and weight check.

I dont know why but it caught me off guard. My brain is flipped about that. He informed me he was fine with it this time but next appointment i have to do that and a piss test.

Milan Art and Brenda just called and are downstairs.

Gotta go.

Pleased Dr Birmingham has the time of day for me.

Did not make my 10:00 appointment with #DrBirmingham Today

I received a call from UBC Students clinic asking why i was not at my scheduled apoinment to see Dr Birmingham.

I was so surprised buy her call that i tought i was dreaming.

I dint sleep for the past few days because i need to try and figger out the New Meta Tags for

I spent most of the past 9 weeks trying to figger it out.

I tried to explain to her that i dint think it was today but next week. Lucky for me she was kind and rescheduled the apoinment for next week.

For the past year i seem to forget Apoinments.

I dont understand what happened.

I was so sure my apoinment was next week and not today.

I had to see and talk with Dr Birmingham about stuff going on. I need to ask Dr B why when i only drink 1 or 2 ensure a day without food my thoughts are more sound, Why everything is more perfect in my day to day activities. Why persons around me like me more and smile more when they walk past me on the drive.

I need to ask him why i just want to stay in my room and play with my toys or try to better the meta tags i use.

Thats what i plan on doing for the next few more weeks.

Correcting the broken links and rearranging the meta tags. I need to put the meta tags i removed back and figure out why i get that failed robot visit. I know it's because i have to much hyperlinks on one page. Small search engines avoid indexing large sites like tvlinkup or telestations, even google will not index my big pages. So i have to figure it out and create meta tags that force them to index my work.

I need to ask Dr Birmingham why i just want to keep to myself and not go out much or why persons that aproch me on the street and talk to me freak my brain out. When they ask if i want to sit and eat with them or if i need food, My brain starts to freek out and wants me to run home and go back out.

This computer screen is making me sick to my stumic.

I need a brake from it and i need to try and sleep for a few hrs.