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1:20 appointment at #UBC #StudentsClinic with #DrBirmingham

I got up cranky so i took my Stuffed Mouse i sleep with and take with me most times i go out with 2 cars i like to play with to my appointment.

Around 12:00 I made my way to the 99 B Line.

All was fine until a stinky person got on the bus and sat next to me. A bunch of other seats were available but no, he had to sit right next to me. Thank god that only lasted a few stops.

The staff at UBC Students Clinic were all smiles but doing a bunch of stuff so i made my way to the back and keeping to myself i played with my cars.

It was 1:20 when Dr Birmingham came to get for my appointment.

We talked mostly about the ensure and how drinking 5-6 each day was making me sick so i can go back to drinking 4 each day with some food.

We talked about why i don't get hungry.

Dr Birmingham says with prolonged anorexia a person will lose the instinct of hunger and taste.

We talked about how i don't notice the calories with the ensure like i do with food. Dr Birmingham says it's because i drink it and so i'm not counting the amount of times i chew or the weight.

I wanted to talked a little about my Daughter Destiny and how i load Dave Askins for sleeping with Mel when i returned to the Island from Vancouver. Dave was like a friend and when i seen him at the house in Victoria i introduced him to my then girlfriend Mel. She was pregnant with Destiny (Mel named her after Destinys Child) I had to returned to Vancouver for 6 days to work in the computer shop but i returned 1 day early and found him and Mel in bed. I made my way back to Vancouver. I have returned to the Island a few times to live and keep tabs on them. Destiny a bright, Intelligent and remarkably wonderful person who is a survivor and victim that i will always respect and hold to hart,

To this day i believe Eric Coffman Abused her and other children.

After a fist fight with him in my home i moved back to Vancouver. The fight happened when i confronted him when he was drunk about the abuse and he told me it was what it was and to Prove It.

I will return in time.

When Dave and Don returned from Chambly i told Dave he was Not Welcomed in my Home.

 The truth in time of what happened will surface.

Dr Birmingham just wants me to recover and so do i.

Today i ate 14 fork full of Noodles and Cheese with 7 round pieces of Beef Sausage. Each fork was loaded with cals. I placed 4 noodles with Cheese and 1/2 a piece of Sausage on the fork and that was around 80 cals each time.

Now i'm going to get a little fatter so i have to go for a 1-2 hr walk to burn it off.

Regardless it's a no win for me and that would make me not in Control.

I dont want to blog and i dont want to think about it.

I hate the person who invented food when it only makes me Fat.


#Francisco #Cuellar is a #Dirty #PigGoat #Slob #FranciscoCuellar


Francisco Cuellar is a PigGoat Slob.

The tenant in apartment 301 Moved and left a PigGoat mess for a 86 year old landlord to clean, So i Cleaned it for this Latino that i dont know.

I approached him with Lucia's son Johnny and walked into his apartment to find a pig pen. I asked him if he was going to clean up before he moved and he ignored me, Then Johnny got mad and asked him the same.

(He is from central America and stayed in this building for over 15 years, Speaks Broken English and prefers if i talk to him in Latino. He is not clean like Willy who works at IceKolKut and is from Columbia)

This is what he stated in broken english. Yes Yes i clean up and my son help me take my stuff away.

This was 2 days before he was to move after he gave a notice to Lucia and Johnny 8 weeks ago. He had over 8 weeks to clean his PigGoat Apartment and pack. None of his stuff was packed or boxed as you will see in the photos.

This is what the Tenancy Branch supports and sticks up for, PigGoat slobs like him that damage the place and bring Bed Bugs, Rats and Mice into the Building because of the PigGoat Mess they live in. I don't see Tenancy persons compensating for damage or sending in persons to clean the mess. You seldom see CTV News or other Local News Stations talking about the damage tenants leave Landlords.

Thats why Rent is High and persons on Welfare now have One Less Building they can't afford to move into Because of persons like this PigGoat Francisco Cuellar.

I just dont get it.

I dont get how persons can live like Pig's and be so Goat when you ask them to Clean. This Person Claims to be a Canadian. The way he lived is definitely not the way a born and raised Canadian would live, Unless his Parents were not born Canadian and never changed the way they were and taught him to live and sleep with his garbage.

 This Fridge, Stove, Sink and Floor will have to be replaced so the Apartment will remain empty for a few weeks.

I will help Johhny Repair the Apartment as much as i can.

This was 3 days ago.

It took 3 full days and part of 2 nights for me to clean his Pig Pen.

Now for the next few days i have to rest and regain my energy.

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#GingerBeer from #JamaicanPizzaJerk Help with the #Cold and #Flu

You got sick like i was with the flu,

Get a Friend to go and see chef Bounty at Jamaican Pizza Jerk and ask him for 1 liter of his own Jamsa GingerBeer.

Yesterday i was sick like a dog before i drink the Chef's GingerBeer.

Today i am alive and Healty again,

Only After i be drank Chef's Jamsa GingerBeer.

Jamsa GingerBeer

Only Avalible at

Jamaican Pizza Jerk

#Dental #Appointment with #DrRenéeDuprat was fine

I went to my 1:00 dental apoinment with

 Dr. Renée Duprat

at VGH Oral Health Centre.

My sister say's it's a super clean place, Not like the other dental places you see when you walk around town. It's a Hospital dental place and everything is up to date.

So I had no choice, I had to go and have my teeth looked at.

I wanted to stay in my room.

Dr Duprat looked at my teeth and told me all was fine and will see me in 16 weeks.

I'm Not Cranky and i dont want to blog


#Appointment with #DrBirmingham at #UBC

2:30 Appointment Monday at UBC Students clinic with Dr Birmingham dint go so well for me.

Dr Birmingham

The staff were working and had little time for talk.

As i made my way to the back Dr Birmingham came around the corner and walked me to his office. The first thing He noticed was the weight loss and now i have to drink 4 to 6 ensure each day with 1 small meal.

I did make me happy happy when he told me i looked less fat.

We talked about stuff going on in my brain and why for whatever reason i find myself buying a bunch of food for the past 2 weeks that i now have in my home that i hate and would never eat. (I did the same thing each time Saint Pauls Hospital put me to sleep with sedation) Now I got a bunch of gross raw chicken in my fridge and you can see the oil and grease on the bottom and i have this greasy meat for hamburgers and butter. Let me tell you about butter, I hate Butter and I now have crisco oil in this bottle and it so gross.

(It's the cause to pimples and pimples are fat trying to leach out of your skin but there's too much of it so it builds up on your face and back. Thats what that white crisco oil is that you use to make pies and fry food with.)

Dr Birmingham told me it's because my brain and body is starving.

I dont think so because i drink 2 to 4 ensure each day.

I cant explain why i have this food or why after they put me to sleep at VGH for the night when i had a kidney stone attack, when i awakened the next day all i wanted to do was eat but lucky for me i was and am in control and i dont want to gorge like i wanted to do for the past week and some, so pleased i did not. 

All i can say is they did somthing to me to make me want to fatten up.

I hate Them

What part of Already I'm overweight cant they understand.

For the past week each time i looked in the mirror i dint see myself the way i do, All bloated and stuffed with fat.

I know they did something at VGH because it was the same each time Saint Paul's put me to sleep with conscious sedation. I would awaken and for days i would look in the mirror and see myself as like skinny and i know I'm not.

Please understand i am overweight.

If you were to see me you would think why dont he join a gym.

Thats What i think is going on and Thats what i tried to explain to Dr Birmingham but he refused to entertain that thought.

 or My brain wants to see if I'm in control and if i would give in and pig out on all that food.

The only reason I dint is because i am in control and placed the food in 9 boxes and placed them outside so some other person who lacks control can take it home and stuff themself with it, Better them then me and they are use to body fat and wont notice it.

Fortunately for me I'm in control and i would have notice the extra 50 or 100 lbs i would have gained frome all that food.

I have to see Dr Birmingham in 2 weeks and tomorrow that shrink wants to talk to me. I told that shrink that I'm Not interested in Sleep treatment because thats weird stuff and after what happened in Slovakia no thank's.

What they did to me in Slovakia was put me to sleep for 5 weeks and when i awakened all i wanted was food. I dont understand what thay did but that will not happen again because in Canada thay cant do that and i have rights. All they wanted to do in Slovakia was make me fatter and good for me it dint work.

Thats what they did to Samantha and Tracy and Darcy in France and Switzerland.

This is what Samantha told me.

Let them put you to sleep and when you wake up everything will be different.

Thats because they do stuff to you.

Samantha was put to sleep for 8 weeks, Tracy was put to sleep for 3 weeks and then Darcy told me Tracy was put back to sleep for 7 weeks. Tracy told me Darcy was put to sleep 3 times, First time 4 weeks then 2 weeks then 8 weeks. When they call all they do is talk about food or France or how they love the staff and persons in the ward. Now thats odd because like me we dont like person much because we find most to be slow. 

Samantha's Dad wants me to go to France for treatment but no thanks. After what happened in Slovakia i know they did something to make me crave food and want to get fatter then i am.

My weight must be around 170 lbs or more.

I wish i was alowed to have a scale in my home and Dr Birmingham dint have a no weight or scale as part of his treatment agrement.

#Antisemitic LOL Let me tell you this

You dont want to pester me with your Antisemitic Crap Comments or your, you should not be posting negative blogs about Jews.

First let me tell you this,

My Dad is a Historian and World History Teacher and he taught me about History and the Books of Religion including the book of Judaya so i know what I'm talking about.

When i told you all in my blogs that Canada had Slavery, You Jackasses Targeted me and blog that i was full of crap and you all called me a posibo.

What Jewish Persons did to 110,000,000 Africano's by enslaving them is Antisemitic and what they are doing to Africanos today is Antisemitic you can find videos online about the atrocities committed towards Africanos by Jewish persons.

The book of Judaism is Anti Semitic filled with Hate towards other Nations because it creates a cast system of Hate.

What the Jews did to Aboriginal Persons on the East Coast of Canada is Antisemitic. They gave them Alcohol and had members of the Iroquois confederation kill them for the land they live on or sent them off to be slaves in the west indies.

What the state of Israel is doing to the Philistines is Antisemitic.

Let me tell you about Jews and Blood Diamonds because it's Anti Semitic or the pilfering of Africa by Jewish Family because It like the Jews is Antisemitic.

If it were up to me the Jews would be paying back bigtime for what they're Kind did to Mankind.

Who Brought the Slaves to America Video.


Journey through Slavery prt 1

Terrible Transformation



Journey through Slavery prt 2




Journey through Slavery prt 3 

Brotherly Love



Journey through Slavery prt 4

Judgment Day



Now that you all know,

I recomend you Stop pestering me and my twitter Acc and remove your Nasty Comments or i will Target you all online.

U Shit Heads best Belive me

U Dont Want That

Over 3 Hrs to get Martin checked in

Posted by our Family

Martin will be home soon

A little pill just knocked Martin out cold

Posted by our Family.

For the next few day's Martin will be away.

Martin's Friendship with #JamaicanPizzaJerk is with Bounty Only

Posted By our Family! Mom say's Me Me Me needs to stay at home for a few days.

Bounty called Martin's Home and expressed himself and has made his point about his relation with Martin. All of Martin's phone call's are forwarded to us so we can lisen to his phone calls. Martin's Relation is with Bounty Only and will remain as such.

This blog will remain to show the distructive effects Anorexia has on persons minds. Martin's login will be blocked for the next few Day's so he can spend time bonding with his stuffed toys and his Flu.

All Ad's for Jamaican Pizza Jerk will Remain out of Rispect for Bounty's Mom and His Family back East that our Mom has Rispect for because of what Martin did for the Family of an African boy he pulled out of the Cannal in Mountreal who was drowning and the Rispect our Family and Dad have for the Stewart Family in Chambly. We will remind Me Me Me about who he is and the Stewart Family.


Martin is a Mental Health Patient and must be approched with Caution. His mind is on empty. What we want to say is Dont Approch him. We were warned that Martin has a vast following of persons who call themself Nastys. Please belive us, They will target you if they belive harm is caused Him or they dont like your comments.


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Jews turned YOU into #slaves #JamaicanPizzaJerk #IceKolKut

This blog was Edited by our Family


It's a Jew that enslaved Africanos Not Aboriginals or Slovaks OK.