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Went for a #walk up #MountSeymour

Went for a #walk up #MountSeymour


I wanted to do stuff so i went for a walk to the top of Mount Seymour and what a surprise. Snow and supper cold. I was so far up i could see persons skying and talking so i kept walking in my runners and the snow was deep and my feet started to get wet but i figgered the persons were not far away and i would go to the lodge and warm up try to get my runners and feet dry. I had to turn around and make my way home. I will not do that again.



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#Ate a #Jamaican #Veggie #Patty with #Rice from #PizzaJerk today

This afternoon around 12:00 i walked to Jamaican Pizza Jerk and got a veggie patty with rice. i walked back home and ate most 2/3 and drank 2 ensure.

3:00 Appointment with Dr Laird Birmingham at UBC Students Clinic

Getting ready for my appointment Monday with Dr B was odd.

For whatever reason i thought i was going to be late, So i ran for the 99 bus to UBC. The bus ride was OK, Not much riders so i occupied my time by looking out the window and playing with my car.

(I have such perfect toys. I wish i could have a room full of toys all the way filled to the ceiling. I have this one stuffed toy Mouse that i take with me everywhere. She is so perfect. I will post a picture of her and My Pokemon Meowth.)

I got to UBC Students Clinic at 2:20

(so much for late. I might have been thinking i would be early but i thought i was thinking late.)

The staff at the Clinic were Bezzy Bee's so i sat around and played with my toys and Mouse. In a way i was fine with it, I wanted to keep to myself. I was going to sit in the back but other persons were sitting there.

I sat up front playing with Mouse and when they were gone i sat in the back then went back to the front then back to the back and finally at 3:00 Dr B came around the corner with a smile and walked me to his office. After he greeted me and asked how i was and how the past few weeks went for me, I started to talk about the renovations i did with Johnny and Mike but started to talk about the triggers caused by the Day Surgery last Friday and sleep treatment.


It's not like i dont have 2 choices because i do. Go into sleep treatment or struggle with the Anorexia.

Dr Birmingham and i talked about the reactions i have when they put me to sleep for a few hours, How when i awaken i crave food. He talked about his patient and others who received sleep treatment for a few weeks and the results were positive for some because it placed the Anorexia in remission making treatment more manageable.

Dr Birmingham says thats why Samantha, Tracy and Darcy are receptive to treatment.

(They called this past week like they do each week. Tracys Dr talked to me and asked if i would consider treatment in France, Tracy's dad will pay for the plane fair and my stay in the center. My Dad says No, He says if i go it will be back to Slovakia for treatment and that will include sleep treatment just like the last time and for 2 years. I thanked her but explained that Dr Birmingham was treating me.)

Dr Birmingham warned It's not a Cure and the Anorexia can be retriggered because it has happened.

Dr Birmingham explained that i would be in control of what is going on and they can't keep me in a ward for ever, when i get my fill i can wake up and go home.

I see the other 2 Dr's this Friday and will listen to what they have to say about sleep treatment and for how much time i will be placed to sleep, if thats what they plan to do.

(I hope it's not like Slovakia. When i awakened i had this tube in my nose and an intravenous line in my neck and arm. All i wanted to do was eat)


Dr Birmingham is helpful with describing what is going on in my Brain. Samantha a few weeks ago told me the same,. She told me what Darcy's Dr told me that was the same as what Dr Lalya Shamita Wickremasinghe told me years ago but i did not understand, Only got mad when she tried to explain that the Brains of Anorexics are sick and only want to destroy us.

Dr Birmingham is correct.

I have to do this if i want to recover and thats why i see him.

Today i drank 3 Ensure and ate 7 slices of potato.

All my appointments were reset at UBC Today for Monday 1:20 every 2 weeks starting today through the summer same with Vancouver Coastal Health on Friday.

I had plans for the summer.

I had things to do and i wanted to go to Princeton to play in that forest.


It's not Fair and i dont want to blog and i don't want to think about sleep treatment.

I should be the one that decides not them.

Who placed them in control and what makes them the boss.

I dont care if they are Mental Health.

They are Not In Control.

I AM and i Decide what go's so that would make me the boss.

I will let the Dr's from Mental Health know this Friday who's the Boss thats in Control and it's defenitly Not Them.

I wish i never had to eat and i wish i was not Fat.


Today was not Fair.

I hate Mondays

thats why i only went to see Lalya on Tusdays.

Things never go my way on Monday.

Visit at #Conservation Office with #JackEvens and #DaveCox

Visit at the Surry Conservation Office with Jack Evans and Dave Cox was perfect.


Officer Dave Cox is transferring to a different office so i brought him a Black Bear Bone and Claw Necklace made from the paw of the Black Bear that was poached.


Read story - Bear paws discovery sparks charges after Zhen Kun Chen was busted at an airport inspection station in August 2011 carrying three bear paws from two different black bears in his carry-on luggage. The Paws were given to a Canadian Metis PowWow Martin Vasil by Officer Dave Cox.


(Bear paws are prized in China for their use in traditional medicine and also as a culinary delicacy that can fetch up $350 a plate or more.)

and a Bald Eagle Claw, Beak and Bone Necklace.


The Bear and Eagle Necklace represents the work Officer Cox did around the lower Mainland with Black Bears and Bald Eagles.

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#Apoinment with #Northeast #MentalHealthTeam did not go the way I wanted it to go #Ugggg

I wish this day was over.

I'm not going into sleep treatment. OK

It's not the Dr's at the Northeast Mental Health Team that decides if i need sleep treatment, I decide.

Sleep treatment is evil.

I know because thats what they did to me in Slovakia and after 5 1/2 weeks they awakened me and all i wanted to do was eat and thats all i did 3 times a day and snacked 4 times a day after they awakened me. When i returned i was fat and some how i figgered it out and now i am trying to correct it.

Sleep treatment will not help.

It's bad enough that when they put me to sleep for test and they awaken me, All i want to do is eat and my thoughts are odd.

I dont want to blog about it.

I need to figure a way out of this sleep treatment and blogging is no help at this time.

Ugggg I don't understand what happened today and why it didn't go the way i wanted it to go.

I agree with sleep treatment so they would back off and think all is fine with me and sleep treatment is not for me. Thats what happened with Dr Birmingham But thats not the way it worked out today with the Northeast Mental Health Team.

I dont want to blog about it.

My brain told me if i started to eat like a PigGoat this would happen and i would lose control and get Fat.

That won't Happen because today was just a bad day.

#Perfect #appointment at #UBC #StudentsClinic with #DrBirmingham

I showed up on time as i do most of most times.

The staff were smiles but all work so the (I will call her the Boss) Talked with me about the cruise ship trip she was on with her husband to Saint Lucia and the other Saint Islands then she had to go.

Dr Birmingham greeted in the back a few moments later and brought me to his office. After he greeted me i sat and we talked about the All Bison hot dog i got at a smoke shop. It's not like the hot dogs you buy in a store. It's made with real bison without the fat and shaped like a hotdog. Then we talked about the Ensure and how i started to drink 5 each day. He is pleased i am trying as best i can. 

 I have to see Dr Birmingham in 2 weeks.

I tried to eat today but that didn't work. I have stuff on my mind that i need to figure out. My brain told me if i started to eat like a pig again my Family relations would fall apart. This is freaking me out.

Developer of #tvlinkup #MartinVasil #Rescuing a #BaldEagle with #JamaicanPizzaJerk owner #BountyHunta

This moment will remain with us for ever

Including the Memory of that Nasty Young Eagle that taloned me in the face.


This Bald Eagle was taken to OWAL Rehab and survived.

#LeroyBarney at #StanleyPark #SeaWall

I played and took photo's in Stanley Park (I found 2 Adulth Bald Eagle Feathers) Then when i got bored of playing in the forest i went for a walk around the Sea Wall. Much to my surprise Leroy was on his bike, Stoped then geated me. I was surprised, I tought Leroy was on Vancouver Island. I gave him the Eagle Feathers i Found and the 12 Bald Eagle Feathers i took with me. I dont know why i took the Bald Eagle Tail Feathers with me when i made my way from my home but i did. Leroy explained he was in need of them to replace the 12 that are on a staff i made for him. (odd how some stuff works out) I just wanted to burn some cals and get that mean narrow minded person from hastings street eating disorders center or what ever they are out of my head. But that did not work out. Like all times Leroy insist we go and eat and insist on paying. My Dad puts cash from his pension on the creted card Cladia gave me that i seldom use for food but Leroy regardles prefers to pay ? He bought us some Kalamari and rice on Denmen street. We sat out and ate. Leroy ate all his food and i ate 7 pecies of Kalamari and 3 forkfulls of rice and 4 slices of cucumber 2 slices of tomato and took the reast home. I tryed to eat some when i got home but my tummy is full. So much for burning cals now that i ate a ton of food i gained a ton of cals. A sick twist in a almost perfect day. If food were not around to distroy my goal, This day would have been perfect.

Who is #BalindaSingh ? and why are you posting #Comments ????

I dont get this.

I dont get it.

I just dont understand why Persons are posting comments on My Blogs.

Dont you like have BETTER stuff todo

like get a job or go for a walk or somthing.

I just dont get persons.

I dont get what part of Dont comment on my blogs cant they grasp ?


i just dont get it

Go ahead and do whatever you want Happy Happy Balinda Singh.

Princess of Sri Lanka

Queen of India

A bliss to meet you Balinda Singh

Please remember some persons dont like me and will target the persons who comment on my blogs.

pratice caution when you comment and use your name

It's like leaving a phone number for all to see.

I am now followed by 1.7 million persons world wide

and some of them dont like me so they slander me

and they will do the same to you

Scammers, Killers, Drug Addicts,  Tugs,  Freeks and Creeps, Rapist and Child Molesters all roam and hide in the internet world.

So please place caution when u post your name.

Appointment Friday didn't go as planned

It didn't go as planned and i had to talk to Dr Haines about sleep treatment and remind him how willing i am to go into treatment to be sure it's the last thing on the his mind and the last thing he will want to do.

Thats the last thing i need in my life is sleep treatment, It's Evil.

I had to bring the letter from Dr Birmingham about sleep treatment to my appointment.

Let me tell you this, Sleep Treatment is Evil and you dont want that because they do nasty stuff to you in your sleep and your not in control because your asleep. I know this because thats what they did to Tracy, Samantha and Darcy and me when i was in Slovakia.

When i awakened all i wanted was to eat like a pigGoat and thank god it went away a few years after i returned home, You should have seen how fat and desperate i was for food.

Gross and out of control and they only put me to sleep for 5 weeks.

I forgot the letter and i returned home for it and make my way back for my 2:00 appointment with Northeast Mental Health Team.


i don't understand why i did that.

 By the time i got to my appointment it was 2:20 so i gave Dr Gordon and Dr Hains the letter and made my way home.

 I dont understand why Dr Haines called 2 times to remind me to bring that stupid letter.

Tracy and Darcy told me i just had to show i was willing to go back into sleep treatment and the Dr's would back off because no person wants to go into sleep treatment or into the Eating Disorders ward at Saint Paul's so if you act like you do the Dr's will think all is fine and tell you you dont need in ward Treatment.

Thats what i did with Dr Birmingham and we stoped talking about it, So it works.

I dont need sleep treatment because I AM Fat and i dont want to blog about it.


I need to go for a late night walk and burn off the fat from the food i ate this past week.

Then i want to sit in my room with my toys and think about why he wanted that stupid letter.

All they want to do is stop me from being in Control over what i eat because they are not.