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I dint eat today. Happy Happy

I started my walks around the ocean side today and i am pleased i was in perfect control over food. Pleased with myself that i did not give into the cravings and eat today. I will see if i want to eat tomorrow. One day without will do me good. Yesterday i ate 1 patty from Jamaican Pizza Jerk and the day before i ate the same.

Last night Leroy and i drove to the store and bought some nutella spread and some rice crackers.

I ate 1 and we talked for a few hrs about the operation and Dr Birmingham telling me i might not be Anorexic and how pleased it made me. We dint do work on the Bald Eagle bone jewelry.

Today i rested and did some stuff around the house. Leroy will be over soon. Today i went out to look at a scale, i gained 23 lbs since i started to see Dr B, That i will lose in no time and the 50 extra lbs around my tummy. It will be odd not to see Dr B after this Monday. I will tell him i see no reason to keep seeing him when I'm not anorexic. It will give a chance for a person who is to get help from Dr B. Not only that but i most times only sit for a few minutes. It takes me 45 minutes to get to UBC by bus and 45 to get back home. The chance of treatment is less then 0. I figured it out, how do you get treatment when you only see a Dr 1 time per week for less then 10 minutes. The chance of me getting into a treatment center in Canada is next to 0 or even getting treatment. Thats why I'm pleased Dr Birmingham told me I'm not Anorexic, After Dr's in Canada telling me i was Anorexic for 30 years, Dr B telling me i was not was such a relief i was all Happy Happy inside. It's the Easy way out. But regardless just pleased he decided that after seeing me for over 1 year i was not Anorexic. My brain wants to know how much he got paid or what pressured him into such a lunatic statement or medical conclusion. But thats OK my Brain dont like most persons or has opinion of them and not the best.

Working on a new network

Putting together a social network called (Body Fat an Enemy Within). It will address my struggles with weight loss and what i eat and what diet i go on.

Sunday i went to my Sisters

I visited with Danica, Mel, Fabian and Claudia Sunday. We sat around and talked, Watched TV and ate. I ate 1 Tuna Sandwich, Mel and Fabian ate some Pizza and Danica ate some Chicken Strips with fries, Claudia ate before getting home from work. It was nice to do something other then online work. I made my way home around 11:00 at night. Fabian walked to the sky train with me and took a bus home. I took the sky train to Broadway and walked around the Drive before making my way home. Looking forward to telling my sister that i'm not Anorexic and i can remove the statements posted on and Networks. What will be odd is not seeing Dr Birmingham after next week. I will have no reason to see Dr B because he told me I'm not Anorexic. I will remove the links on and and in reference to the looking-glass and Dr Birmingham. I dont want to promote what i have nothing common with. I will replace it with links to my personal web sites or networks. It is important to support what you suffer from and not what you dont suffer from. To think I'm not anorexic puts a smile on my face. Dr Kelleher telling me i was Anorexic and needed help was just crap. Dr Mccain telling me i needed help and was Anorexic was just crap. The Dr's in Slovakia and the Dr's in Quebec and the Dr's at Saint Paul's hospital telling and insisting i was anorexic were full of crap. Pleased i did not give into their psychosis of me being skinny when i Know i'm Overweight and it's making me sick. All they did was torment me with crap. I Know I'm Fat and Dr Birmingham telling me Monday that i'm not anorexic tells me that I'm correct. To think i was starting to see it the way Dr Birmingham was describing it to me is disturbing and makes me not want to trust persons and what they say. I'm just pleased i was correct all this time about not having anorexia. All night my brain was saying, I told you so. Your a Fat unhealthy human but i can change all that by going back into walks and only eating every 2 days and not drinking water that will fatten me up faster then i can say Fat. I will only drink water when i eat. Need to go for a walk. You cant imagine how happy i am. Now i dont have to eat each day so i can say i ate. What a blessing. I will now blog about the diet i will select to help me lose the 50-80 lbs and start a new network dedicated to my struggle with weight loss.

So pleased I'm not Anorexic

Yesterday's apoinment with Dr Birmingham was so perfect. Finally after 35 years of Dr's telling me i have an eating disorder and that i'm skinny and that i suffer from anorexia was crap. Dr Birmingham told me Monday he dont think I'm anorexic. I knew i was fat and that i ate like a pig. Pleased i dint eat today, Just disappointed i ate yesterday. All this time i knew in the back of my mind that the Dr's telling me i was Anorexic were just trying to make me fatter and more sick for what ever psychotic reason they had. Looking forward to going back into extensive walks around the sea wall and eating less. Pleased i did not eat yet today, I can see the fat around my tummy and arms and legs. The reason i'm not well and persons dont like me is because i'm overweight and not in control of what i eat or how i eat. All i do is stuff myself or think about food. I have to get better control over my life, Starting now.

TV Directory

Talked to Domain dot com again

Told them this was destroying my online work. He looked at and ask me to look at the files with him and he put another ticket on the networks. I told him this destroyed my social standings with search engines and is causing me a loss in followers. It's 3 years of extra work i put into some of the networks. I told him the links on @telestations twitter page are associated with the networks that are all down. This has caused problems with search engine standings. The problems this has caused me You Don't Want. The stress this has caused me for the pass 4 weeks You Don't Want. You dont want that kind of service. Now i will have to start all over again. Thats why i started to recommend

It finally worked with Dr Birmingham

I am so perfectly Happy Happy. The staff at UBC Students Clinic were pleasant towards me, Not the same staff at 12:40 that i normally see at 1:40. What made me so Happy Happy was Dr Birmingham telling me today he thinks i might mot be anorexic. That blew me away. It put a smile on my face. Finally it's working. I knew in time he would see it my way. Now i got to convince him that I'm overweight and i need to lose 80 lbs. I see him next week so i got 7 days to figure out how to do this and if I'm not Anorexic then that means i dont have to eat so much food as i was again. Today was so perfect. Looking forward to seeing Dr B next week. What i found hard with all this was behaving in a completely different frame of mind then i normally do when i went to see Dr Birmingham. Putting on unwashed garments and not cutting my nails and putting dirt on my hands before the appointments was hard and not shaving was harder, I hate dirty garments and not shaving, It bugs me and it's dirty but it worked. Darcy and Tracy are correct when they explained reverse psychology to me. What was as hard if not harder was trying to have tantrums at Saint Paul's hospital to avoid treatment. It was difficult but it worked. I prefer to do what persons tell me and keep to myself then give them a hard time, But it works. I know I'm fat and unhealthy and now if i can convince Dr B that i need to lose at least 80 lbs my life will be perfect. Then good stuff will happen for me and persons will like me, Support me and will stop targeting me online.

What i dont like about today is i gave in and bought some food. I walked to Safeway after my apoinment with Dr Birmingham and bought some Chicken with Mojo fries that are baked in the oven. I ate half the leg and 9 fries, Then i took a nap. BK awakened me from sleep when he called and asked if i wanted to visit. I told him i would and walked to IceKulKut and much to my surprise Bounty and Blenden was their. Blenden look well and refreshed. Bounty was just getting set to go. I talked with BK and Blenden and Bounty then made my way home.

Example of the service Domain dot com Provides

All Networks are down except for This network is down This network is down This network is down This network is down This network is down This network is down This is just some of the networks associated with and hosted by Domain dot com. A service i Don't Recommend growing with. They caused me a bunch of sufferings and problems for the past 3 years !!!!! This network is down This network is down A bunch of other networks associated with are down and they are hosted by Domain dot com. They destroyed the work i did and destroyed the search standings. They caused me a loss of followers and are giving and a bad name. Is this the Service you want. A grate domain starts with a Good Host like Not with the Crap i got for the past 3 years with Domain dot com. I cant even receive email's This is now on week 3 that all networks are down except for 1 that i seldom use. My Family wants me to Grow with Them. Domain dot com can suck the gas from a dead man's ass. You want crap go to Domain dot com = crap!!!! When all networks are up i Am switching to Host Upon.

Yesterday was sunny but cold

On my way for a walk around Commercial Drive yesterday i stoped at BK's place of work IceKulKut for a few minutes. He asked how the operation went and was pleased to see me walking. We only talked for a few minutes and i continued on my way. BK was cutting a clients hair. Kenyana was sitting inside Jamaican Pizza Jerk. I only waved to him and did not go in to greet him or Bounty or the other persons that approach and speak to me. I walked to Riddem and Spice for a patty only 2.50 and i ate 1/2 then i walked over to Meditaranion Fire Pizza for a slice of desert pizza. Sold out. So i walked around the Drive and made my way home. I did not want to eat yesterday but i did. I know I'm fat and i should lose 40-50 lbs if i want to be well. The only reason all this bad stuff is going on in my life is because I'm overweight. I wish i was perfect and i Hate Domain dot com. Going out for a walk around the Drive to get my mind off stuff. I dont want to eat today. Pleased i see Dr Birmingham Monday at 12:40

Happy Happy Pain free day

The operation Dr Raval did for now remains pain free. Thank you Dr Raval. Looking forward to the other 2-3 operations. I wish i had some cash. I would donate some for upgrading the equipment Dr Raval needs and towards his work. To think a simple operation removed what i had to live with for most of my life. I went to work with rectal prolapse each other day for over 9 years. This Human rights file talks about me going and sitting down to do 8 hrs work with prolapse every other day.,%202009%20BCHRT%20117.html Lazy is the last thing i am. All i know is Dr Raval did what other Dr's before him refuse or never bothered addressing and removed that disturbing lump. Now i am doing better. For that reason i implore persons who can help Dr Raval and his work to do so. A link to Dr Raval's home page Dr Raval's St. Paul’s Hospital Phone number 604-682-2344 if you want to talk to him or thank him on my behalf for removing my sufferings please do so.