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Its #NotFair

I dont understand why my Family or Dr Birmingham cant see me for how i am, Fat & unhealthy. Thats why i have to walk around to burn fat.

As u can see on all i do is eat like a pig.

So how can i possibly be anorexic when im fat. What part of that cant they seem to understand.

I dont have Anorexia related eating habits or problems

Im fat and the only treatment center i should be in is for overweight persons like myself.

Not a treatment center for Anorexia OK

If Dr Birmingham or U ever put me into treatment i will hate u for the rest of my life and i will never speak to u again and i will never let u play with my toys and i will blog about how u hate me.

I will

I have this fat lump on my arms that won't go away & this fat that rolls over my pants & the size 26 jeans are now tight after i wash them. It was not like that before i started drinking all that ensure regardless if u say its just milk. Milk can make u fat so why do i have to eat tons of food each day. It grosses me out & u know that.

Its Not Fair that you're doing this to me

I'm in control not U and i dont need treatment or a passport

What part of Food and i dont get along cant u grasp.

Not fair

I dont like food and it hates me and i dont want to blog about it. all i do is think about food and i hate that.

Im going to my room and play with my toys and forget about food and all of U.

Its freaking me out.

I need to think about other things then food.

i wish i was perfect


I wish i was perfect then everything around me would be perfect

Not the way it is in my life 

I just wish it was

I wish i was perfect and in control like the persons on TV and in Photo Books

I Know My imperfections are caused by my inability to control the amount of food i consume.

Thats why I stuff myself like a piggoat

Thats why i got sick tonight and threw up the hotdog i eat

Because my tummy is full of food

All i had to do was eat Half

but no

i had to eat the whole HotDog

and i bought 2 of them all dressed

Good thing I gave the other one to Chris

About 3,500 cals each hotdog

I dont know why i did that when i have ensure at home

250 cals each so all i have to do is drink 2 each day and avoid food

But no

I had to stuff myself full

All i do is think about food

Thats why im fat and why persons dont like me

I wish i was in control over the amount of food i stuff into myself

Regardless of the amount of walks i do around the SeaWall

i will never burn the ton of fat off my body

I Am What I Am



 That person who cant stop eating or thinking about food

Thats who i am


Its freaking me out



Fat is Fat


I got this Fat Lump growing on me


It's in my face each time i look at my arm

So it freaks me out


regardless the amount of excersise i do

it wont go away


All i do is eat or think about food

How much bigger it & I will be in a few more weeks


#McDonalds #Angus #Burger #GrossOut

#McDonalds #Angus #Burger #GrossOut


your #AngusBurger gave me the #McShits Yesterday


The Night Befour

what gives with that

All it took was 3 small bites befour it was trown away


 it was

#tasteless with hard dry bread & totally #gross

Gross Gross Gross

Dint even look like your advertisment

A Wast of $6.00

#israel & #Palestine doing the work of the #Devil

 is correct

The only word that can discribe what  &  are doing is  


Like drop the killing crap & Get A Life

Good to be back online sort of

 For the Most part

A small brake is all i needed from the online world

Now Refreshed and awakened

I'm back to the online grind

#Apparation of the #Face of #God in a #Cloud

Face of God in a Cloud

photo By Martin Vasil

#video of #BlueGrouse #Dendragapus #Grouse by #MartinVasil


video of Blue Grouse

(Dendragapus Grouse)

by Martin Vasil

Today was so perfect

Today was such a perfect day.

Mel, Danica, Fabian and i went to English Bay for a few hours and we ate all Beef Hot Dogs.

I ate almost 3/4 with ketchup, mustard and sauerkraut then Mel drove me home after we stopped at A&W.

Danica ate 1 teen burger with fries and mel and Fabian ate some Yam Fries, I ate 5 with some spicy sauce.

I was pleased when i got home.

I dont understand how i forgot Mouse at home.

All i could think about was when are we going home.

I tought someone was going to take My Mouse.

I told Mel and her reply was were ate the beach and your Mouse is home we cant do eneything about it.

I wish Mel would have drove me home to get her.

But i would have mised the amazing race.

so we had to stay at the beach like Mel told me

The day was perfect except when i got home, The Amazing Race was Not on but my Mouse was in my bag on the floor but I got throw up sick. The frys and that sauce with white loung stringy stuff went on the bathroom floor and in the toilet in my apartment. I had to clean it up then take a nap. That white stuff looked like worms. Thats what i tryed to tell Dr Birmingham.

My head feels light and i know that was going to happen. I dont understand why i ate as much as i did when i know it will just make me sick. I don't eat for most of the past 2 weeks and i only drank 4 ensure each day and all was fine.

I dont understand why i stuff myself or why i lose control over the amount that i do eat.

A complete lack of control over what i eat and thats why i'm overweight.

You are what You eat


I only have myself to blame for it.

#DontTalkBack and #DoAsYourTold

We don't Appreciate the Slanderous comments Martin's followers started to flood us with and they definitely Won't be posted.

He was warned Not to Attempt to cancel his appointments with Dr Birmingham or to talk back, If he did he would pay a price for it.

He tried to cancel his appointment for Monday, When he was questioned about what he did, Mememe had the nerve to talk back and was slanderous and called us PigGoats with the F__ word.

(He started to use the F__ word over 12 weeks ago and we want to know who taught him such a profane word and why they would teach such a word to a person who plays with stuffed toys! That word is strictly reserved for Adults!)

The price for doing that, is 4 days in his room to help him think about what he did and why. Tomorrow would be day 4.

Fortunately for him he has an appointment Monday with Dr Birmingham so he can go out and play in the forest or around the ocean for today only, but will remain home after his appointment Monday.

We all have to pay a price for not doing what we are told,

Why should this exclude MeMeMe.

Because of the Anorexia or his computer or life skills or that he is sick?

It should not exclude him.

If he wants to be Unruly we will post it on the networks we own and pay for and he will pay a price for it.

We pay the bills, Not Him!

If he wants to be in control of his life we are fine with that.

Unfortunately for Martin if thats what he wants, he will have to find a bunch of cash or a bunch of jobs to pay the bills. His phone bill is over $150.00 every 4 weeks, Same as his Hydro $79.00 and his websites + networks $1500.00 each 4 weeks that we pay for, Not to exclude a bunch of other bill's.

I think you get the picture.

So stop pestering us with comments that support an unruly person.

Martin is not a little Angel 24/7 belive us.

He like most Boys can be extremely unruly and hard to control.