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Appointment with Dr Birmingham

My appointment today at UBC with Dr B was perfect.

First i want to say.

The staff were all Happy Happy and so was i to see them. The Nurses were all kind towards me and that helped with the appointment with Dr B.

Dr B and i talked about sleep therapy and why he stoped doing it. A patient almost passed away from it so he discontinued it. He explained that it helped suppress the anorexia by cutting of the bridge too it, but when the person was triggered the anorexia found a different bridge and would resurfaced. But not in all cases. In some it never returned. So i have to speak to the Psychiatrist and tell him that i would be willing to try sleep therapy. If they do try sleep therapy it will be at VGH.

Dr B wants me to start taking zinc to help fight the anorexia so i will. I hope it helps.

I trust Dr B and i look forward to seeing him in 4 weeks.

I dont get it

Part of this blog was edited by our Family.

We would like to try and explain what happened at the Eating disorders clinic yesterday. Martin showed up unexpected and managed to sit in a room full of persons before he was spotted by a staff. The staff made the correct choice by asking him to go home. For the safety of all Including Martin, He can Not be in a room full of persons without supervision for good reasons. You will understand the state of mind he is in after reading this blog. Martin will receive a one on one apoinment with them alone. What will happens next depends on Martin.

We want Dr Birmingham to place Martin in a ward and have him treated with ketamine + 24 hr sleep therapy for 5 weeks or more with out nalmefene so he can be kept asleep. We also asked His Dr to place him on amitriptyline this new week.

We asked the Dr's if he could be put to sleep for 5 weeks then placed in a ward for no less than 2-3 years. It's a treatment plan that works and has a remarkable rate of sucsess with persons who are labled untreatable. The Dr's noticed most patients did not notice the gain in body fat and after 2-5 years of intence treatment recovered with little or no setbacks. 

We would like Martin to be placed on  naloxone infusion when he will be put to sleep to help him gain weight. Like they did in Slovakia.

We Have No other Choice. He is Killing himself by slow starvation!


I went to the eating disorders treatment center on Hastings street in Vancouver at 5:00 as was mentioned in the application and by Dr Birmingham.

As i was sitting with a group of other persons in this room i started thinking to myself when this person walked over to me and asked if i would step out and talk with her. She asked if my name was Martin, I replied yes. She then told me i had to go, That she would talk to Dr Birmingham monday and that i should not be there. i dont understand what she was trying to tell me but i know what she will tell Dr B. She will tell him that i am fat and overweight and i should exercise or go in for a liposuction. I dont understand what she was saying. All i know is they and she hate me. Why would she ask a person to go if they were anorexic unless they were not. ? (I am fine with it because i had my fill of food and body fat, How it grows on me. All i wish is i could hid in myself and never find myself untill i want to find myself and i dont want to blog) All i know is after she asked me to go, the thought of slashing into my arms came to mind as i walked out and headed home. I did not slash tonight and i dont think I'm going to. All i know is i must be overweight or she would not of asked me to go. Now i have her in my head telling me to go. I might slash into my arms if i can't get her out of my head in the next few day's. It will remind me of what she did.

It was so embarrassing to be called out of a room full of persons and not to return. The thoughts that must be going on in the minds of the persons in that room when i did not return. 

When i got home i did start to look for pills that i stashed away befour i realized that mean social worker and the police found them when they came to my home and took me to Saint Paul's. Now i have none and Dr's refuse to give them to me when i need them.

I need to get what happened at the treatment center out of my head.

It will remind me of what happened and make me not want to return.

But I'm fine with her and the rest of the staffs hate towards me.

Because i have grown numb to it.


Part of this blog was removed by our Family! 

I did a bunch of stuff this past week

This past week was excellent.

I did a bunch of stuff but had no time to go online.

I feel restless and need to sleep but i want to blog about this past week.

I ate a ton of food in the past few weeks and probably gained 50-80 lbs. I dont remember what i ate because so much was going on but I probably ate a bunch of hot dogs, chicken, pasta, eggs, bread and a ton of fast food like chinese food. Even if i dont like chinese food that much, I probably ate a ton of it. Then i most likely ate at Taco Time or Taco Cabana for lunch and a ton of food from other places for breakfest and dinner. As you can read, I'm fine with that because it shows that i'm not anorexic and if i am, I'm recovered so now i can start to lose 50-100 lbs. I know i have a ton of food in me and it will probably take a few weeks to digest so i can take a break from food for the next week or so. My weight now is probably between 200-300 lbs. I know thats what it is even if i have no scale. You can see when you look at me that I'm overweight. I dont want to think about it and start getting depresed from it. I know i have a weight problem and i need to resolve it.

 I just want to say, It's nice to be back online

Ken Pruden Looking for Eagle Feathers

A few weeks ago i went out scouting for Bald Eagle Feathers and took Elder Ken Pruden with me.

I seldom take persons with me.

He had called and asked a few times over a 10 week period if i would take him out with me. I finally accepted to take him out with me again. (this will be the 3rd time the 2end time he brought a Lady from Mosquim reserve that had a bad intent soul. I did not like her intent. Later she tryed to have me blocked from that place so she would be the only one going. She was warned by the conservation office that she had no right or permision to be at that place)

As we were walking along i asked him to keep walking ahead so i could make my way into the forest to look for the Eagle Feathers he needed.

I walked around inside the forest as Mr Pruden made his way along the path.

I found a few flight feathers on the forest floor as i was walking through the brush.

About 15 minutes later i found a dead juvenile Bald Eagle. I marked the spot and looked around to familiarize myself with the surroundings before going out of the forest to tell Elder Ken Pruden.

I showed him the spot and he prayed and offered tobacco before i picked it up and placed it in a bag. We brought it back to the car and remained in the forest for a few hours before heading home.

I found 10-15 lose features that Elder Ken Pruden will retain.

That same night i gave him 1 of the wings i took apart and 7 feathers off the tip of the other wing.

I reported the Dead Bald Eagle to Jack Evans at the conservation office and I will see him in a few weeks. 8 feathers will be kept by Jack Evans who asked me for 20 bald eagle feathers.

Martin can have his computers back today

Posted by our Family

Martin needed to spend the week in his room with his toys (Without his computers. Lucky for him, we dint remove his toys) to think about what he did.

You dont start removing floors and walls in your apartment regardless of the reason.

We dont blame him for what he did, We blame the anorexia.

Now that he spent time thinking about it, He can go out and play or take his senseless walks around the sea wall.

Soon, Very soon we will find out if the Eating Disorders Center on Hastings Street will accept him as a patient. If they do Me Me Me will be going into treatment for a long time. Just like Samantha, Tracy, Darcy and his 3 other friends after they all go got smoking Drugs (Marijuana) and were sent off by Family to Europe for treatment. They will all remain in treatment for no less than 5 years. Not like Martin told you.

When Martin tells you he eats food, We want you all to know the only food he eats is Air.

He only Drinks 2 Ensure a day and eats 1 time a week if that at our home and that is a challenge.

If all goes well he will be spending the next few years in treatment. It's for his own good.

Appointment with Dr. Manoj Raval at Saint Paul's

I had a hard time sleeping last night because of the 9:30 appointment today with Dr Raval.

I got to Saint Paul's around 8:30 and was placed in a bed to rest. The staff in G.I were very kind and gave me space to calm down and rest. They gave me warm blankets and Around 11:30 Dr Raval arrived and rolled the bed into the examination room. After he talked to me Dr Raval placed some stuff in my arm that made me sleep. Around 2:00 i awakened and it was all over. The staff gave me 2 jellows to eat. (I did eat it and it tasted good) I got dressed then made my way home pain free. So far the operations from Dr Raval worked out.

I recomend Dr Raval 

Going for a walk to clear the drugs from my head that Dr Raval put into me to place me to sleep so he could this test.

Appointment with Dr B yesterday.

Yesterday was slow and restful. I made my way to UBC for a 10:30 with Dr Birmingham. It was nice to see the staff all Happy Happy, Pleasant to be at work helping the sick. Dr B filled out the application for the Eating Disorders Clinic on Hastings street then asked a staff to fax it. We talked a little about me taking the apartment apart and the way i see myself and how i react around food. I dont know why i took the floors and wall out, I just had too. Food and I dont get aloung. It dont like me. I dont know what i did to it. It just dont like me or get aloung with me. When i try to eat, Most times it will make me sick. Pluse i'm overweight and i cant understand what part of it cant most persons Grasp. I Am what i Am. Fat and overweight because all i do is sleep and eat. We talked about the Clinic and recovery. (Them making me more Fat then i aready am) So fine. Fine with it. Ugggg I dont want to blog about it. It is what it is.

I see Dr B in 3 weeks.

What a Nightmare

Posted by our Family

What a Nightmare.

Martin needs to think about it, He needs to sit in his room and figure it all out.

The sooner he is in treatment the better it will be for all.

Mom says its not Me Me Me's fault and not to blame him, but to blame the anorexia.

She says the lack of food to his brain is causing him to be unbalanced and hopefully in time it will be treated. For now we have to live with his tantrums and his refusal to eat food.

Milan Art painted late into the night and will finish tonight before putting the floor back in. 

Mom is pleased he will take the time he needs to fix what Me Me Me did.

Never a dull or stressless moment with Martin around.

Did it again

Posted by Our Family.

Mom is so freaked out.


You won't believe what Mr Me Me Me did.

He wanted to see why persons are talking through his walls and floors, So his Lord Martin started to take his floors apart and started removing drywall from the walls to figger it out.

God knows and we all know what they are called, If like Martin you dont!

They are called persons who live next door to you.


I had to take some photos.

Mom figured something was up when she could hear noise in the background as she was speaking to Martin on the phone. Then when she tried calling back and he didn't answer, She knew he was up too a not good something.

Milan Art went to pay him a visit and got a big surprise.

Milan Art offered to take time off his work to place the wooden floor back and fix the mess Martin created.

Thank God for persons like Milan Art.

Mom just started her new job and lost most of her jobs because of Martin or the stress he causses.

Mom say's Martin can spend the next few days in his home to think about what he did.

The Dr told mom today it's caused by a lack of food.

The Dr also told her Martin cheated to his blood work!