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After speaking with the domain registry both domain transfers failed as the transfer were denied by your current provider. Unfortunately they don't give us any further info however if you can give me the transfer codes for both domains I can re-initiate the transfer again now.

Thank you

HostUpon Support Team

Ticket ID: #201105
Subject: transfer problem that now caused the lost of a website domain called ?
Status: Answered
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Mon, Oct 07, 2013 04:34 PM

Martin and Steve Vasil,

In accordance with our previous contact (ticket 10709439), you were solely responsible for the transfer of your domain names. You were notified that you must log in to your control panel to manage the domains and complete the transfer. You failed to transfer the domains, so as a courtesy we left the account open as a domain parking account to prevent your websites from going down with your new provider and to provide you additional time to complete the transfers. I will proceed in refunding and removing the domain privacy products from the account. Please be advised that ICANN requires us as a registrar to abide by certain policies when it comes to registration, renewal and transfers of domains. I encourage you to review the lifecycle process to understand what happens to a domain once it expires here Sincerely, Raynelle S. Manager, Compliance and Executive Response

Happy B Day Papa, Mel and Vanessa

The 3rd of october is a special day for our Family.

3 of my Family members were born on that day.

So a Big Happy Happy B Day to them, Happy Happy B Day to you .... and many more.

Hee Haa yaaa all have a wing ding of a good timble.

Yesterday i went to visit Mel at her home to wish her a Happy Happy Day. Danica Mae and Claudia were home, We talked and ate then we called Dad to wish him a Happy B Day. We will call Vanessa today to wish her a happy B Day. (She lives in Montreal with her Family same as my Dad and other Sister Patricia and Brother Steven who is Vanessa's Dad) We ate some hot dogs and a bunch of other food. I had to eat and i had no choice. I tried to explain to them that i ate early that day but i could not remember what i ate. I know i did. Regardless i had to eat, Now i'm very overweight so i dont have to eat today and later i have to take a walk to burn some cals.

Milan Art showed up later and ate some veggie burgers and talked about stuff he was doing. We stayed late. Danica Mae went to bed then later Mel went to bed and Milan Art drove me to the Skytrain and i made my way home. They are my Best of Friends and i love them so very much.

Nice to see them all Happy Happy

transfer problem that now caused the lost of a website domain called ? and did not transfer to hostupon after i payed and entered the transfer code to do this. I called and talked with John and he asked that i place a ticket on this matter. is now down and i payed and entered the code to have it transfered to you from over 8 weeks ago ? just like I need my web site back !


Posted by our Family

Martin eating Pork and Greasy Fried Foods (LoL)


Martin has problems with walking into a restaurant, sitting and ordering food he can't watch being made, If Me Me Me can't watch them cook the food, Me Me Me will not eat it. Mom gave up trying to take him out to eat. When we go out to eat we dont bring him.

This is the food Martin eats (Drinks) Ensure. 

He might eat 1-2 times a week real food, Tuna mixed with peanut butter and mustered on 1 slice of over toasted bread.

So please disregard his dissolution of overeating.

We would love to see the day when Me Me Me overeats.

I am what i am / Overweight

I try hard to burn cal's by taking walks around the ocean like i did last night in the rain and it dont do much for me.

Regardless of the amount of exercise i do i am what i am / Overweight.

I just dont get it. The only reason i believe this is going on is because i over eat. I have to lower the amount of Pork, Greasy foods and eating out or it will not change.

Today i am going on a fat free diet.

I need to go for a walk to try and burn all the food that is in my tummy.

Yesterday and the past few day's were Bla days filled with wet rain. Same with today.

Rain Rain Raining away.

Leroy Barney at Stanley Park Seawall

I played and took photo's in Stanley Park

(I found 2 Bald Eagle Feathers) 

Then i went for a walk around the Sea Wall.

Much to my surprise Leroy was on his bike, Stopped then greeted me. I was surprised, I thought Leroy was on Vancouver Island. I gave him the Eagle Feathers i Found and the 12 Bald Eagle Feathers i took with me.

I dont know why i took the Bald Eagle Tail Feathers with me when i made my way from my home but i did. Leroy explained he was in need of them to replace the 12 that are on a staff i made for him.

(odd how some stuff works out)

I just wanted to burn some cals and get that mean narrow minded person from hastings street eating disorders center or whatever they are out of my head. But that did not work out.

Like all times Leroy insist we go and eat and insist on paying.

My Dad puts cash from his pension on the credit card Claudia gave me that i seldom use for food but Leroy regardless prefers to pay ?

He bought us some Calamari and rice on Denman street.

We sat out and ate.

Leroy ate all his food and i ate 7 pieces of Calamari and 3 forkfuls of rice and 4 slices of cucumber 2 slices of tomato and took the rest home. I tried to eat some when i got home but my tummy is full.

So much for burning cals, now that i ate a ton of food with Leroy i gained a ton of cals.

A sick twist in an almost perfect day.

If food were not around to destroy my goal, This day would have been perfect.

Past few days were so perfect

I helped a person i know (John Kaurinovic, He is Lucia and Joe's son, Martin My close friend who pased away on Jan 1 brother) do stuff around his home. It helped to get what that person did to me out of my head. 

He and his family are kind towards me. His mom Lucia is supper kind towards me and helpfull.

They are Croation and like most are supper kind.

I love all Nations and thats why i created so i and others could watch what your nations persons are all about.

Because i cant stand how that Mean Old Gayana Goat Pig slandered me, It dont suggest i hate all Gayana persons, Only her and other Goat Pigs like her.

I also took walks around the sea wall to help me get that awfuly narrow minded person who calls herself the coordinator of the Eating Disorders Center on Hastings street out of my mind. (How did she ever get that job with such a mean and narrow minded soul, She must be the bully of controll in that place) I dont think they offer much except intimidation and doing what they did to me to others. After what they did to me and the slashing it caused, I DON'T TRUST THEM AND I DON'T THINK YOU SHOULD. I will not partake with them or the AA 3 step program they offer that sounds like the Dr Kelaher flop program that was discontinued at Saint Paul's and I also want to know what success rate they have and what experience they have working with persons like me. I dont think they offer more than what we get online help wise and i think they are a cash grab looking for persons like me they can sit in a office and say they are helping us recover but are just wasting our time so they can get a pay check. For the recovery part i think you're on your own for that. They dont have a treatment ward. So i was told. I think i could do much better with what little time i get from Dr Birmingham then i will with them and after sleep treatment i think Dr Birmingham will have much better successes with me then they will and after what happened with them, that caused me to slash i now find them and that center to be unhealthy and unsafe for me or others like me. Dr Birmingham says one wrong word from them can cause me to take my life and i dont think they have the qualification to understand that and i dont think they understand i have a hard time around FAT  Persons or even care to understand why i do. 

I found out from the phyciatrist that Dr's at Saint Paul's Fast Track corrupted my medical file with crap and no nlounger matches the file they have. He asked me if i did and that Saint Paul's Administration is acusing me of doing that to discrete them. 

Dr Birmingham is requesting that file be destroyed and ignored for now. I got a letter from a Psychiatrist that he sent me to see requesting all info from Dirty Saint Paul's be ignored.

Because of Dr Birmingham i drink 2-4 ensure a day and i eat 2 times a week.

More then what Dr's at Saint Paul's ever got me to do.

I am pleased he has time for me if i gould support a person with cash i would support him.

I have to go to the Dr's then i need to take a walk around the Sea Wall to get that Fat unhealty person out of my head.

I called the Eating Disorders Clinic at Saint Paul's and they never returned my call causeing me to slash.

Dr Birmingham told me not to expect help from Saint Paul's eating disorders clinic unless i or my family have cash because thats all they treat, are persons with cash and a few on welfair so the can say they help all but mostly help them with cash, The children of the wealthy.

He is so correct about them.

What is a pig goat

pig goat

aboriginal slang for a girl who is pig headed and likes to butt heads without reason. ( Pi-goat )

Goat is also used when describing an unpleasant and unruly girl who has a slanderous mouth. Aboriginals call them Goat.

Can also be called pig goat if they do not have a reasoning mind.

Should persons who suffer from obesity attempt to treat anorexia ?

I dont think they should. 

They cause me and others like me to trigger.

The smell that comes from them is hard on me and others, so we have to put on some type of fragrance to try and hide the disturbing smell or we will not be able to concentrate on what is going on,

( 1 of the reasons i started to trigger when that fat person started talking on wednesday at 5:00 My brain started to tell me thats what they were going to do to me, Make me as fat as her. I dont think that is good or health for me)

The aggression they put out because the are fat, I and others find intimidating and for that reason i would prefer not to be aproched by them.

The persons who bullied me in school were all FAT,  It was so bad my Dad pulled me out of school,

(Have you ever had your ears pulled over and over again or your ears and head flicked by a FAT Person on a school bus with sick and twisted kids from Chambly Quebec Laffing. I have.)

The way they refuse to exercise and just eat eat eat makes me want to puke and not want to be in the same room as them.

I dont want to be like them or treat persons the way they do. I dont want to ever be as toughtless as that overweight so called coordinator who had me thrown out last wednesday.

She is the last Pig Goat on this earth i want in my life. She should go and like exercise before she sits in a room and scares an Anorexic into triggers of starvation or suicidal thinking they will be like her. Had her in my head all day So i did not eat today. That pig goat coordinator at the socalled Eating Disorders Center on Hastings street can eat for me. I found the staff at that place created an unhealty and unsafe inviroment for me to be in. What they did to me caused me to go home and slash. Not what i needed. I have to get what they did to me out of my head.

Going for a walk around the Ocean to help me forget about sick and twisted them and to lose weight so i never be like that unhealty pig goat coordinator working at the Eating Disorders Center on Hastings street. Wounder how such a goat ever got that job.


I Dont need the crap they have to offer.

What ever it was they were offering.

Sounded more like a Plan from AA

Will try the zinc Dr B piscribed.

Need to go for a walk.