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10,000 Ton Texas Tanker traveling the B.C. Coast

#ChristyClark did U know About This

10,000 Ton Texas Fuel Tanker traveling the B.C. Coast 

If So did U Forget to Tell Us All about this Tanker

#StupidPeople Who Want To Remain #WorkingSlaves

Personally I dont trust the #CanadianGovernment so why would i ever #Vote to have them as #MyTrusty to the Millions that are owed to Me & Every #CanadianBorn

They disregard #Canadians & what is best for Canadians by doing stupid sencless stuff

like trowing away good Canadian drinking wather by selling it to Nesley for less then $3.00 per 10,000,000 gallons 

Now thats a scam on the Canadian Population when they sell it back for 2,50 a bottle to us 

I hope persons stop


When will society Stop slaving for the goverment when we are all Milionars 



Worked on 4 #BaldEagleBoneChokers

The 5 days i had not much of a Phone or Internet i spent cutting and putting together 4 different

Bald Eagle Bone Chokers




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Just about finished updating United Kingdom TV Directory

I had to add over 300 links on

#UnitedKingdomTVDirectory #UnitedKingdom #TVDirectory  

It took forever & for the past 5 days i had no Internet or much of a phone ( Line Problems ) But now im just about done less then 100 links to add #HappyHappy

I need to sleep


Why cant i log into Twitter!

Its not fair

they caused me to suffer on a public bus with a bunch of persons around as U can see in the video and that Filipino was loud enough for u to heir the slander from her making that African Girl breakout laughing extremely loud

(as U can see in the Video)

at me with a full tummy and her crap leftovers on her lap as the DirtySouled PigGoat Filipino kept slandering me.

What pleased me was when i got home and watched the video, and it as u can see speaks Volumes

A Picture tells a story how much better a Video

Regardless i went around the drive with 100 photos of them that i snapped from the video and placed them in all the mail slots on Commercial Drive telling persons they are racist towards sick aboriginals with a link to that video. I dont want to eat and i regret eating most of a tuna sandwich after my apoinment with Dr Birmingham and drinking 4 Ensure today Ugggg Not Fair

I Gave That Filipina Girl No Reason to slander Me

This PigGoat did This on a full tummy and with Joy and without just cause

Is this what we should expect from Filipinos who migrate to Canada

I dont want that kind of TRASH in Canada distroying the Canadian way of life with her Filipina TRASH

What part of that cant U Grasp

After what happened today

I now support the removal of all Filipinos who are in Canada without work permits

I support the BoyCott of places like McDonalds who hire Foreign labour disregarding Canadians who need jobs

U should all do the same

Video persons in Canada who are Racist and do what i did

POST IT Let the world know who them scumbags are

#Apoinment with #DrBirmingham at #UBCStudentsClinic


I arived at UBC Students Clinic at 1:00 the staff were pleased to see me as was i.

Last time i was at UBC was loung ago.

I went around the side to sit and wait. A few moments later Dr Birmingham arrived and walked me to his office. We brushed up a little on my summer then the apoinment started. Dr Birmingham explained im not the only person who was refused from his group and explained he started an outreach called

Dr Birmingham & Associates

he was talking when i interupted and told him he was correct about everything. The Anorexia the restrictive behavrols and the rest of the stuff Dr Birmingham discribed in me. 

so i agread to have a loreta scan tomorow at 1:00

we talked about the new clinic and his willingness to help me overcome the Anorexia befour its to late. He told me a bunch of other patients were refused treatment at Saint Pauls Eating Disorders clinic.

They never supported me or helped me or others only gave us false hopes and broken promises of treatment so why should i support them.

Dr Birmingham talked to me about a part of me that dissociates from food and worsens when persons are around me.

He is correct about the way i behave around food and how i see myself.

I tried to explain to him something positive and good will happen for me if i just keep doing what im doing.

He says its a destructive voice that wants to destroy my talents and finally mylife. He calls it a voice of dissolution thats out to destroy me. A voice that tells me what im not and refuses to acknowledge what i am sick. A voice of destruction that only wants me to starve to death.

I dont understand enney of it as i explained to Dr Birmingham when i look at myself its not what i see, I see a Fat unhealthy person who is lazy and a glutton that should spend the rest of his life trying to burn all that fat off and a life time is not anouf time to do that.

My mom and sister are correct all i do is stuff myself like a piggoat and thats why im not in control when im around food, All i want to do is stuff myself with it. My dad would tell me the same Your eating me out of the house or my socalled friends would ask me if i  wanted to be a sumo fighter. ugggg i hated them so verry much

Regardless part of me says im sick and i dont like it when it comes to mind i would prefer if that fat piglet would keep playing with its toys and stayed out of it. Thats the reason im fat because of that little shit head that keeps disturbing me with I'm Hungry i want to eat. Thats all i get from it.

I have to go for a walk and burn some of this fat that just won't go away like that voice telling me im hungry i want to eat

No one's stopping U so go and eat

Im going for a walk

So Thats whats going on in my brain and its just like Dr Birmingham Explained it.

Now all i have to do is let Dr Birmingham figger out the best way to treat the Anorexia .

#northvancouver today

North Vancouver today

Its #NotFair

I dont understand why my Family or Dr Birmingham cant see me for how i am, Fat & unhealthy. Thats why i have to walk around to burn fat.

As u can see on all i do is eat like a pig.

So how can i possibly be anorexic when im fat. What part of that cant they seem to understand.

I dont have Anorexia related eating habits or problems

Im fat and the only treatment center i should be in is for overweight persons like myself.

Not a treatment center for Anorexia OK

If Dr Birmingham or U ever put me into treatment i will hate u for the rest of my life and i will never speak to u again and i will never let u play with my toys and i will blog about how u hate me.

I will

I have this fat lump on my arms that won't go away & this fat that rolls over my pants & the size 26 jeans are now tight after i wash them. It was not like that before i started drinking all that ensure regardless if u say its just milk. Milk can make u fat so why do i have to eat tons of food each day. It grosses me out & u know that.

Its Not Fair that you're doing this to me

I'm in control not U and i dont need treatment or a passport

What part of Food and i dont get along cant u grasp.

Not fair

I dont like food and it hates me and i dont want to blog about it. all i do is think about food and i hate that.

Im going to my room and play with my toys and forget about food and all of U.

Its freaking me out.

I need to think about other things then food.

i wish i was perfect


I wish i was perfect then everything around me would be perfect

Not the way it is in my life 

I just wish it was

I wish i was perfect and in control like the persons on TV and in Photo Books

I Know My imperfections are caused by my inability to control the amount of food i consume.

Thats why I stuff myself like a piggoat

Thats why i got sick tonight and threw up the hotdog i eat

Because my tummy is full of food

All i had to do was eat Half

but no

i had to eat the whole HotDog

and i bought 2 of them all dressed

Good thing I gave the other one to Chris

About 3,500 cals each hotdog

I dont know why i did that when i have ensure at home

250 cals each so all i have to do is drink 2 each day and avoid food

But no

I had to stuff myself full

All i do is think about food

Thats why im fat and why persons dont like me

I wish i was in control over the amount of food i stuff into myself

Regardless of the amount of walks i do around the SeaWall

i will never burn the ton of fat off my body

I Am What I Am



 That person who cant stop eating or thinking about food

Thats who i am


Its freaking me out



Fat is Fat


I got this Fat Lump growing on me


It's in my face each time i look at my arm

So it freaks me out


regardless the amount of excersise i do

it wont go away


All i do is eat or think about food

How much bigger it & I will be in a few more weeks