Anorexia Destroys Lives

Posted by our Family Anorexia Kills after it slowly destroys the lives of talented person's This is Not only about Martin, But all who suffer from and have had their lives affected by Anorexia or Bulimia. Over 180,000 Women and Men die each year fro… more »

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I started drinking Ensure

All its doing is making me Fat I wish i was perfect and not overweight more »

#Apoinment with #DrBirmingham at #UBCStudentsClinic

I arived at UBC Students Clinic at 1:00 the staff were pleased to see me as was i. Last time i was at UBC was loung ago. I went around the side to sit and wait. A few moments later Dr Birmingham arrived and walked me to his office. We brushed up a… more »

Its #NotFair

all i do is think about food and i hate that more »

#McDonalds #Angus #Burger #GrossOut

#McDonalds #Angus #Burger #GrossOut
@McDonalds your #AngusBurger gave me the #McShits what gives with that & it was #tasteless dry & totally #gross #food Dint even look like your add more »

I dont get it

Regardless how hard i try not to be i will alwas be what i am Overweight and Lazzy more »

Went out to #eat with #Melane Vasil

I¬†went out late last night to eat with Melane, It was way past 9:00 when Mel picked me up. We ate 1 beef hot-dog with with spaghetti sauce and fries on it. I ate half, even that was way too much for me. After we ate we talked for a short time and she… more »

i drank 1 #Ensure a few moments ago

I need to try and sleep but all i want to do is stay up. If i can nap for a few hrs i can do more stuff when i awaken. I dont want to eat and i dont want to start thinking about why Dr Wanis wanted my food plus i have all this food from the pass week in… more »