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British Columbia Television Directory

Dark Green = Television Stations Video Players, Video Archive or Live Stream

A&E TV --- Watch Live, Entertainment, Program Info, Show Info, Video Archive, Games, News, YouTube Channel, Full Episode Archive and More

Aakaash Bangla --- Kolkata INDIA --- Current Affairs, Entertainment, Sports, News, Recipes, Show Info and More

ABC TV --- Entertainment, News, Videos and More

Aero-News Network --- The Aviation and Aerospace Daily-Real-Time News and Information Service

Al Jazeera TV --- English --- Arabic News

AlaskaOne TV --- Alaska --- Local Events, News, Radio, Program and More

Al Karma TV --- Arabic Christian TV --- Watch Shows Online, Past Shows, Program Guide, Video Archive and More

All TV --- Korea Web TV --- Korean News, Programs and More

Amazing Discoveries TV --- AD TV --- Bible Channel --- Watch Live Satellite Channel, Prayer, Program Info, Health, Show Info, Video Archive, News, YouTube Channel, Full Episode Archive and More

AMC TV --- Watch Online Videos, AMC Originals, Games, Movies, Blogs and More

Ami TV --- Entertainment, Grocery Specials, Local Canadian Events, Program Info, Local News, Show Info, Local Stores, Video Archive, YouTube Channel and More

Animal Planet --- Pets, Wild Animals, Videos, Dog Breeds, Cat Breeds, Games and More

APTN TV --- Aboriginal Peoples Television Network --- Past News Archive, Show Info, Program and More

ARY DIGITAL TV --- Show Downloads, Clips, Program and More

ASIA TV --- China ---Entertainment, Videos and More

Asian Food Channel --- Watch Past Cooking Shows Online, Video Recipes, Cooking Shows, Chefs, TV Guide and More

Asian Television Network --- ATN --- Radio Info, TV Channel Info, Chinese Channel Info and More

Audience TV --- Direct TV Channel --- Entertainment, Watch OnSite Videos, Shows and More

B4U TV --- Bollywood for you --- No.1 website in bollywood Entertainment, Videos, Shows and More


BabyFirst TV --- Pick A Program, Parents, Programs, Playground and More

BBC TV --- Canada


BBC TV --- World News, Sports, Local Events, BBC TV, World Events, Market, Program and More

Bell Canada --- TV, Internet, Mobile and More

BET TV --- Music Videos, Artists, Entertainment and More

Biography Channel --- Watch Online, Videos, Bio Shows and More

Bite TV --- Get On TV, Entertainment, Video Archive, Shows, Program, Past Show Archive and More

BlackFlag TV --- Entertainment, Watch Live Video, Online Cult Movies, Events, Program Info, Obskura TV Live Videos, Show Info, Video Archive and More

Bloomberg TV --- World News, Radio, Market Data, Investment Tools and More

BNN TV --- Business News Network --- TV Clips, World Stock News, World Events, TV Clips and More

BPM TV --- Music, Videos, Shows, Contest, News, Charts and More

Bravo TV --- Entertainment, Moves, Shows, Videos and More

BTV --- Beijing --- State News, Local Events, World News & Events, Past News Archive, Shows, Recipes, Entertainment, Weather and More

Canal D --- French Web TV --- Entertainment, Shows, Info, Program and More

Cartoon Network --- Watch Online Videos, Games, Fan Talk and More

CBC TV --- British Columbia --- Watch Local & World News, Video Archive, Listen To Radio, Events, TV, Program, Sports, Weather, Past Show Archive and More

CBC TV --- Documentary --- Watch BBC Documentary On Demand On Line, Programs, Schedule and More

CBS TV --- News, Entertainment, Watch & Chat, Videos, Sports and More

CCTV --- China News, Sports, Local & World Events, Culture, Video Archive, Past Shows and More

CFJC TV Channel 7 --- Kamloops --- Watch Live Video News, Entertainment, Video News Archive, Local Events, Weather, Local Sports and More

CFTK TV --- Terrace --- Videos, Music, Entertainment, News, Sports and More

CHBC TV --- OKANAGAN --- News, Sports, Weather and More

CHEK TV --- Vancouver Island-Victoria --- Local & World News, Weather, Sports, Events, Entertainment, Videos and More

CHEK TV --- Vancouver Island-Victoria --- Local Events, World News, Weather, Sports, Contest, Entertainment, News Video Archive and More

City TV --- Entertainment, News, Sports, Weather and More Vancouver

Civilization Channel --- Shows, TV Listing, Program and More

CKPG TV --- Prince George --- Local News Clips, News Archive, Sports News, Local Events, Local Weather, Contest and More

CMT TV --- Country Music Television, Videos, Music and More

CNBC TV --- Stock Market News, Video Archive, Business News, Financial, Earnings, World Market News and More

CNN TV --- World News, Online Radio, International Headlines, Stories, Video Archive, Past Show Archive and More

Cosmopolitan TV --- Entertainment, Girl Talk, Video Archive, Show Info, Fashion and More

Court TV --- Show Info, Schedule

CPAC TV --- Watch Online Shows, Video on Demand, Past Show Archive, Goverment Videos and More

CTV --- Local Vancouver News, Entertainment, Shows, Program Info and More

CTV News Watch Live

CTV 2 --- Local Victoria News, Entertainment, Shows, Program Info and More

CTV2 Watch Local island News & Video Archive

CW11 --- KSTW TV Seattle --- Entertainment, Shows, Contest, Slide ShowsVideos, Program, Community and More

CYRTV --- China --- Channels, Program, Shows, Events, News and More

DejaView TV --- Show Info, Program Guide and More

Discovery Channel --- Civilization --- Shows, TV Listings, Top Stories and More

Discovery Channel --- Health --- Shows, Diet, Fitness, Parenting, On TV and More

Discovery Channel --- Kids --- Shows, Program, Games, TV Schedule, Videos and More

Discovery Channel --- Science Channel --- TV Shows, Top 10, Games, TV Schedule, Video Archive, Past Show Archive and More

Discovery Channel --- TLC --- TV Shows, Program, Family, Style, Blogs, Games, Video Archive and More

Discovery HD --- Shows, Program, Videos and More

DISCOVERY TV --- Watch Full Episodes, Video, Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet

DIY TV --- Home Improvement Projects, Shows, Kitchens, Floors, Electrical, Plumbing, OutDoors, Remodeling and More

DPM TV --- Dance with Attitude --- Shows, News, Contest, Charts, Music, Schedule, Video Archive and More

Drive-In Classics

DW TV --- Deutsche Welle --- Germany News, Europe News, World News, Local & World Events, Past News Archive, Sports, Culture, Radio, Weather and Much More Info On Germany

E! TV --- Entertainment News, Past Shows, Celebrity Gossip, Fashion, Video Archive, Celebrity News and More

Encore Avenue --- Moves,Entertainment and More

ESPN TV --- Sports News, Sports Video Archive, Streaming Sports Shows, Sports Events and More

EWTN --- Eternal Word Television Network --- Global Catholic Network

Ethnic Channels group TV --- Channels, Show Info and More

ETV --- INDIA --- Show Info, Channels, Clips, Show Archive, Local Events, Entertainment, Local News, Sports and More

EURONEWS Channel --- Streaming News, Weather, World Events, Video News Archive, Weather, Sports and More

EWTN TV --- Eternal Word Television Network, Global Catholic Network

Fairchild TV --- Chinese Channel --- Local Shows, News, Entertainment, Program, Video Archive and More

Family Channel --- Program, Show Info, Videos, Games, Win It, Blast and More

Fashion Television --- In fashion, Fashion Videos, Gallery and More

Fine Living TV --- Food, Drink, Videos, Design, Shopping, Show Info, Program and More



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FOOD NETWORK --- For Kids --- Everyday recipes and menu ideas, party planners, videos and more

Food Network --- Recipes, Entertaining Tips, Menus, Cooking Videos, Blogs, and More

FOOD NETWORK TV --- Eating Well --- Organic and healthy food

FOOD NETWORK TV --- Global Cuisine --- Recipes, Guides, Videos and More

FOOD NETWORK TV --- Video --- Recipe Demos, Cooking Tips, Shows and More

FOX News --- U.S.A --- News Cast, World News, Local Events, Sports, Weather, Video News Archive, Politics, Health, Entertainment and More

FOX TV 28 --- Spokane --- Local News, Sports, Entertainment, Weather, Connunity and More

G4 TV --- Video Games, Game Reviews, News and More

Galaxie TV --- Continuous Music

Game TV --- Game Shows, Contest and More

Geo TV --- Pakistan --- GEO TV UK, World News, GEO TV Canada, Business, Sports, GEO TV Europe, Entertainment, Video News, News in English and Urd

Global BC --- Entertainment, Local News, World Events, Weather, Sports, Shows, Program, TV Guide, Videos, Health and More

Golf Channel --- Golf News, Golf Info, Past Shows, Videos and More

HBO --- Comedy

HBO TV --- Documentaries

HBO TV --- Movie

HBO TV --- Family --- Program Info, Clips, Videos and More

HD Theater TV --- A Discovery Channel --- Show Info, Car Clips, Car Program, Channels, Car Videos and More

HGTV --- Decorating, Entertaining, Real Estate and Renovation Advice

History Channel --- Watch Online, Videos and More

HTB TV --- NTV Russia In Canada --- News, Events, Shows and More

i-Cable TV --- HK --- Channel Provider, Channel Preview, Info and More

IDNR TV --- NATURAL RESOURCES TV --- Radio and Telecommunications Commission

IFC TV --- Independent Film Channel --- Video, News, Film, Schedule, Blogs, Music and More

INDUS TV --- Urdu Entertainment

indya TV --- India --- BollyWood Gossip, Show Info, Program, Video Archive and More

IRANIAN TV --- TV Shows, Program Info, Events and More

JAPAN TV --- TV Guide, Subscribe

JOY TV 10 --- News, Program, Contest and More

Kairali --- News,Entertainment and More

KAKM TV 7 --- Public Television Alaska

KBS --- WORLD News --- Korea --- News, Culture, Radio, TV, Entertainment and More

KCPQ TV --- Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Entertainment, Local Events and More

KCTS TV 9 --- News, Entertainment, Watch Video's, Program and More

KHQ TV --- Spokane and North Idaho --- News, Weather, Video Archive, Sports and More

KING 5 TV --- Seattle Washington --- News, Weather, Sports, World Events, Video Archive, On TV & More

KIRO TV --- Seattle Washington --- News, Weather, Traffic, Video, Sports and More

Knowledge Network --- Watch Shows, Past Show Archive and More

KOMO TV --- World News, Sports, Offbeat, Entertainment, Video Archive, Local & World Events, Program Info and More

KREM TV --- Spokane Washington --- News, Past Video News Archive, Video Archive, Weather, Sports, Program, On TV and More

KTUU TV --- Alaska News, Weather, Sports, Events and More

KTVA TV --- CBS 11 --- Alaska News, Interactive, Features, Weather, Videos and More

KXLY TV --- Spokane --- News, Weather, Program, Sports, World Events, Video Archive, Entertainment, Radio and More

Leonardo World --- Italian

LIFETIME TV --- Astrology, Entertainment, Streaming Past Shows, Video Archive, Star Gossip and More

LifeTime TV --- Health --- Entertainment, Shows, Movies, Program, Videos, Astrology, Style, Community and More

MAX TV --- India --- Sports News, Events, Video Archive, Contests, Downloads and More

Max Trax TV --- Digital Music --- Channels, Program, Pop, Rock, Country, Classic and More

Metro Media TV --- Weather Channel, Local Weather, Canadian Weather, Video Archive and More

Military Channel --- Weapons, Vehicles, Games, Top Tens and More

Movie Central --- movies and series

MovieTime --- Show Info

MSN TV --- News, Entertainment, Shows, Videos, Sports, Money, Must See, Lifestyle and More

MTV --- India --- Videos, Shows, Program, Music, News, Entertainment, Contest and More

MTV --- On Demand Videos, Full length Episodes, MTV shows and More

MTV 2 --- Watch Shows Like Jackass, Beavis and Butthead, TRL, Human Giant, Music Videos and More

MTV Tr3s --- Music Videos, Free Latin Music, Music Video ArchiveMúsica Latina, Artist Photos, Artistas Latinos and More

Much Vibe --- Show Info, Music Video Archive, Program and More

MuchLoud --- Music Videos, Win Stuff, Program Grid, Shows This Month and More

MuchMoreRetro --- Shows, Music Videos, Program, Show Info, Retro News and More

MuchMoreMusic --- Music Videos, Shows, Music, Videos, Program, On Tour, Daily Fix, MP3s, Channels and More

MuchMusic TV --- Music Videos --- Concerts, Shows, Music, Contest, News, Video Archive and More

Multicultural --- Colours TV --- Programing, Show Info, Events, News, Past Show Archive and More

Musimax --- Music Videos --- Entertainment, News, Videos, Shows and More

MyFox TV 28 --- Spokane News, Past Video News Archive, Weather, Events, Entertainment, Health, World News and More

Meteo Media --- Online Weather Reports, Roads, Maps, Weather News, U.S.A. Weather, World Weather Reports, Weather Events and More

NASA TV --- News, Missions, Videos, Moon & Mars, Explore, Channel and More

National Geographic Channel --- Shows, Listings, Videos and More

NBC SPORTS --- Sports News, Sports Videos, Sports Events, Sports Shows, Show Archive and More

NBC TV --- World & Local News, Sports, Entertainment, Show Info, Past Show Archive, Video Archive, Watch Videos and More

NTV --- Bangladesh --- Program, Show Info and More

Oasis HD TV --- Program Info, HD Videos, Show Clips and More

Odyssey TV --- Greek Television Info

OLN TV --- OUTDOOR LIFE NETWORK --- Shows, Entertainment, Contests and More

Omineca CableVision --- Internet, Cable Provider


OMNI TV --- News, Videos, Contest, Past Shows, Community, Program and More

One TV --- Body Mind & Spirt Channel --- Yoga, Program, Contest and More

PBS TV --- Entertainment, TV Shows, Program Info, Videos and More

Peachtree TV --- Movies, TV Shows and More

Planet Green --- Watch Online Clips, Home & Garden, Food & Health, Fashion & Beauty, Videos, On TV and More

Playhouse Disney --- Games, Videos, Program Info, Whats On, On Demand, Contest and More

PTS TV --- Taiwan Video News, Entertainment, Local Events, Past Show Archive and More

PunchMuch --- All Request Music Channel

Q13 TV --- Seattle News, Entertainment and More

Radio-Canada TV --- World News, Local Events, Entertainment, Regions, Sports, Radio, Video Archive, Weather and More

RAI TV --- Italy --- International News, Events, Culture, Videos, Radio, TV Guide and More

Reveil TV --- Religion Channel --- Watch Onsite Live Video, Prayer, News, Video Archive, YouTube Channel, LiveStream Channel and More

Reveil TV LiveStream Channel

Research Channel --- Watch Research Videos, Past Show Archive, Medical News and More

RIS --- RDS --- French Sports News and More Sports Info

RTP TV --- Portugal --- News Show, Past Talk Shows, Radio, Program, Video Archive and More

Sahara India Media TV --- Latest News from India and Abroad, E-Bulletin, Cricket, Stock and More

Salt and Light TV --- Catholic Media Foundation

SamayLive --- Latest News from India and Abroad, E-Bulletin, Cricket, Stock and More

SCN TV --- Rigonal Programs, Online Shows and More

SET TV --- Tiwan --- Entertainment, Past Shows, Program, Videos and More

Setanta Sports --- Sports Channel Live Online and On Demand

SetAsia TV --- Sony Entertainment --- Shows, Downloads, Program info, Videos and More

Shaw Cable --- TV, Internet & Phone Provider

Shop LC --- Great Infomercial Products As Seen On TV --- Daily Deals, Education Center, Games, Gadgets, Beauty, Trending, YouTube Channel and More

SHOW CASE --- Comedy, Drama, Videos and Sideshow

Silver Screen Classics --- Video Archive, Show Info, Program, Comming Soon, Classics and More

Sinhala Channel --- Video Portal

Slice TV --- Entertainment, Advice, Program, Family, Shows, Video Archive and More

Space Channel --- Shows, Movies, Contest, Video Clips and More

SPEED TV --- TV Shows, Sports News, Sports Events, Live Events, World Sports News, Video Archive Live On Speed TV and More

SPIKE TV --- UFC, Music, Match Highlights, Past Show Archive, Sports, Show Info and More

Sri Lanka News --- Video News and More

Star Choice --- Digital Satellite Television Provider

STAR PLUS --- India --- Entertainment, Video Archive, Past Shows, Program and More

STAR TV --- The Entertainment Station --- Star Talk, TV Shows, Star! Personalities, Watch Videos and More

Super Channel --- Channel info

Swarnavahini TV --- Sri Lanka --- News, Video Archive, TeleDrama, Entertainment, Past Show Archive, Documentary, Current Affairs, Woman, Events and More

Talentvision TV

TBS TV --- Entertainment, Shows, Movies, Past Show Archive, Video Archive, Program and More

TCM --- Turner Classic Movies

The Biography Channel --- Schedule, Show Info and More

The Christian Channel --- Tune In, Shows, Program and More

The Comedy Network --- Shows, Time Wasters, Program, News, Contest and More

The Fight Network --- News, Radio, Downloads, Program, Info and More

The Miracle Channel --- Program, Show Info and More

The Shopping Channel --- Gifts, Kitchen, Fashions, Clearance, Crafts, Jewellery and More

The Weather Network --- Your Source for Weather Forecasts and Current Conditions Across Canada

TLC TV --- Entertainment, Family, Program Info, Shows, Videos, Cooking, Fun, Games, TV Shows and More

Travel & Escape --- On Line Videos and More

Treasure Channel --- Entertainment, Programs, Schedule, HD Videos and More

Treehouse TV --- Create, Parents, Program, Play, Win, Videos, Mobile TV and More

TRU TV --- Unbelievable Crashes, Car Chases, Video Archive, Dumb Criminals, Natural Disasters, Cops, Fights and more

TV ASIA --- Online Player, Past Shows, News, Local Events, Show Archive, Video Archive, BollyWood and More

TV JAPAN --- News Cast, Local Events, Entertainment, Sports, Culture, Video Archive, Past Shows, Weather, Channels and More

TV Lanka --- Sri Lankan Web TV --- Watch Shows

TVN --- Poland --- TVN Programs, TVN Channels, Forums, Watch Online and More

TVN 24 --- Poland --- News, News Archive, Culture, Events, Weather, Sports, Video Archive and More

TV POLONIA --- Entertainment, Show Info, Program, Radio and More

TV Tropolis --- Entertainment, Program, Show Info, Videos and More

Valemount Community TV Channel 7 --- VCTV 7 --- Entertainment, Programs, Video On Demand, Comedy, Drama, Lifestyle and More

Versus --- Sports --- Hunting and Fishing Videos, TV Sports Shows, Sports News and More Sports Events

VH1 --- TV Shows, Entertainment, Top 20, Video Clips, Music Videos, Video Archive, Lyrics and More

Viewers Choice --- Events, Movies and More

Vision TV --- Entertainment, Programs, Video On Demand, Comedy, Drama, Lifestyle and More

VIVA TV --- TV Network for Women --- Show Info, Program, Recipes, Movies and More

W NETWORK TV --- Entertainment, Program, Shopping, Movies, Videos and More

Wild TV --- Hunting and Fishing, Shows, Program and More

Yahoo TV --- Show Info, Clips, Entertainment News, Primetime recap, Daytime Recap, Full Episodes and More

YTV --- Show Info, Games, Music Video Archive, Culture Shows, Online Shows, Contests and More

ZEE TV --- India --- Entertainment, Channels, Events, Downloads, Show Info, Clips and More

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